Masterchef star wows with 'genius' sausage hack

Adam Liaw poses in blue shirt
Adam Liaw has revolutionised the BBQ business. Photo: Getty Images

Masterchef star Adam Liaw has left the online community speechless with an ingenious and deceptively simple trick that has changed the sausage sandwich game for good.

The winner of Masterchef’s second season in 2002, Adam has recently been taking to Twitter and Instagram to share handy tips and tricks for aspiring cooks everywhere.

His latest hack, however, truly takes the cake, or BBQ as the case may be.

The chef shared a video showing how to transform a sausage sandwich with a simple melted cheese slice, added without the hassle of juggling ingredients to bread ration.

The video shows the chef place a slice of cheese on a frypan.

He leaves the cheese to melt for a moment before placing a piece of standard white sandwich bread on top.

cheese, bread, cheese on bread
The cheese on bread hack is deceptively simple. Photo: Twitter/adamliaw

A few moments later, when the cheese is crispy on the sides, he flips the bread to reveal the perfect melted cheese.

Adding a sausage, onion and the vital tomato sauce the chef presented the perfect sausage sizzle for inspection and let me tell you, it well and truly passes muster.

Hack goes wild online

Adam's sausage sizzle trick has sparked a barbie revolution. Photo: Twitter/adamliaw
Adam's sausage sizzle trick has sparked a barbie revolution. Photo: Twitter/adamliaw

Shared to Twitter the hack exploded, racking up a whopping 4.5k likes and being shared hundreds of times.

Praise for the easy but effective trick has now rolled into the hundreds.

“This is genius!” one person wrote.

“What is this magic?” another wondered.

“My mind is blown,” another shared.

“You are to lunch what Einstein was to physics,” another boldly claimed.

For anyone raised on a diet as heavy in the cheese on toast department as I was, the meeting of these two gastronomical institutions is a privilege to witness.

In a week full of weddings - both good and bad - with the MAFS premiere, it feels safe to say that this is the marriage we didn’t know we needed.

Bunnings take note.

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