BBC Presenter Chris Packham Sends a Direct Message to Taylor Swift About Private Jet Use

BBC presenter Chris Packham sends a direct message to Taylor Swift about her private jet use.

BBC presenter Chris Packham believes that Taylor Swift “missed the trick” when her team threatened to sue the person tracking her private jet use.

Instead, the nature series host said the pop star should have sold all of her private jets and acknowledged that “times have moved on,” according to The Mirror. Doing so “would have been such a powerful thing for her to say to an audience,” he told the British tabloid.

Critics slammed Swift’s private jet use as fans noticed how quickly the “Cruel Summer” songstress traveled from one destination to another—especially when her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce began heating up late last year.

After a University of Central Florida student began tracking her private jets’ movements and posting about them on social media, Swift’s team alleged that the student’s activities amounted to “stalking and harassing behavior” and threatened legal action if he continued.

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Packham described the “Fortnight” singer’s private jet use as “absurd” as he explained to The Mirror that private jets “are the single greatest contributor when it comes to jet aviation fuel and the least efficient because they're carrying one person.”

Packham also acknowledged Swift’s popularity as a music “icon” and her potential ability to influence those who look up to her. “And as a consequence of that, she should be leading,” he told the paper.

Swift is currently overseas for her ongoing international Eras Tour, which is scheduled to kick off its United Kingdom leg in Scotland on June 7. Later that month, Swift will perform three consecutive nights at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Since her London dates overlap with an upcoming nature rally in the city on June 22, Packham told The Mirror that he hopes Swift will consider attending.

“She should turn up on my stage and she should say: ‘I’m giving up flying on private jets,’” he suggested, adding that it would “make the weekend for me.”

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