Baywatch star's furious response to troll on 'sexy' Santa photo

Baywatch star Donna D'Errico has hit out at a woman who trolled her latest "sexy" snap. The 54-year-old actress got into the festive spirit as she posed in a fitted red long-sleeved mini dress with a black belt and white furry trim, completing the look with a Santa hat and thigh-high black boots.

Quoting mischievous lines from the iconic National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation film in her caption, the OnlyFans star said, "And obviously she doesn't wear underwear".

Her caption refers to a moment in the film where actor Chevy Chase makes a number of saucy mishaps while being served by an attractive shop assistant.

"And there are plenty of shopping days left until adultery's ... adulthood ... which is to say Christmas ... as in Yule ... Yule log ... not a log! I don't have a log!" she continued in the caption.

However, one follower did not take to the photo kindly and trolled the star with the comment, "Thirsty, much?".

Donna D'Errico poses in a Santa costume.
Donna D'Errico was trolled over 'sexy' Santa snap. Source: Instagram/@donnaderrico

Donna did not take the comment lying down and furiously hit back at her follower over the insult.

"Well, let's analyse this," she began. "This is a photo of me completely covered from head to toe in a Santa costume. The only thing not covered is roughly three inches of my legs above my boots.

"I captioned it with a funny quote from a classic Chevy Chase Christmas movie and invited everyone to share a quote from the movie as well. And you want to come on here and call me thirsty? Because…what? Because my Santa costume is fitted? Because it’s not big and oversized and bulky dragging on the floor making me look shapeless? Because I took a photo of myself from a flattering angle so I look my best, just like every other normal person does, including, I’m quite sure, you?

"If I want to take a photo of myself standing here nude and post it with strategically placed Frosty the f***ing Snowman emojis and quote Nightmare Before Christmas, hold on to your hate hat, because I can and I sure as s*** will. Now fly away little Starling."


People applauded the star for her fiery comeback, with some leaving clapping emojis.

"Karen got destroyed," one commented.

"I absolutely love your response," another said.

"She burned your sorry ass," a third added.

Donna D'Errico wears blue lingerie with a white lacy detail.
Baywatch star Donna D'Errico has slammed the haters who claim she's 'too old' to share bikini photos. Photo: Instagram/Donna D'Errico

Others praised the star for how amazing she looked in her Santa costume with many saying it was "sexy".

"I love the outfit," a fan said.

"Such a perfect lady," another claimed.

"Gorgeous," a third commented.


Donna is no stranger to trolls commenting on her racy Instagram snaps, and hit back earlier this year after she was told she was "too old" to pose in bikinis and lingerie.

The model and actress shared the snap of herself in a white and blue lacy lingerie set in October, and in a subtle swipe at the haters, she wrote, "Oh no she did not just now post a photo of herself in her underwear. #OhYesIDid."

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