The cult $10 beauty item that sells 2.7 cans every two seconds globally

Sarah Carty
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Let’s face it, dry shampoo has become a firm beauty saviour for many people all around the world.

The coronavirus has seen many of us spend months at home with no interest in shampooing and blow drying our hair every day, meaning the beauty item has fast become our favourite cupboard staple.

Close-up portrait of a fashion blonde with stylish short hairstyle
There's no denying dry shampoo has become a firm staple on many Australians' dressing tables. Photo: Getty Images

So it might not come as such a big surprise that 2.7 cans of Batiste Dry Shampoo are sold every second globally.

Sales of the classic buy have increased twenty per cent over the past two years, with Aussies alone spending a whopping $47 million on dry shampoo in the last year alone.

68% of those shoppers chose Batiste to put in their baskets, not least for its cult status but also because it comes in at the bargain price of $10.50.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
2.7 cans of Batiste Dry Shampoo are sold every second globally. Photo: Supplied

“Dry shampoo has long been the perfect beauty product of convenience. In fact, 80% of Aussie women use dry shampoo to refresh their hair, and 1 in 2 women are using the beauty buy first thing in the morning,” a statement from the brand read.

Apparently, dry shampoo works better if you apply it before you head to bed at night as it allows the product to work its magic while you sleep, absorbing all the excess oil.

Batiste dry shampoo at Fashion Week
The brand is loved by celebrities, hairdressers and beauty-enthusiasts all over the world. Photo: Getty Images

If you just know that your hair will need to be shampooed, conditioned and blow-dried the next morning (and let's face it, we all leave it as long as we can), then spray your roots with dry shampoo the night before and your mane will look brand new in the morning.

"Use a dry shampoo preventively. Spray roots until hair feels chalky. The powder will suck up oils as they're produced," New-York based hairstylist Ryan Trygstad told InStyle.

"Come morning, you won't have to degrease or worry about seeing powdery residues.

"Then you can style and go!"

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