Bark Air, a ‘Luxurious’ New Airline Specifically for Dogs, Took Its First Flight — and It Was Sold Out

Furry customers were given calming treats, noise-canceling headphones and a beverage of their choice on board

<p>Joe Gall</p> A dog on a plane

Joe Gall

A dog on a plane

It's not Superman or a bird — it's a plane full of dogs!

Bark Air, a luxury airline that prioritizes canine comfort, took its first flight on Thursday, May 23, departing from New York's Westchester County Airport (HPN) and landing at Van Nuys (VNY), per the airline's initial press release.

Bark, a company previously known for providing products, services and content for dogs, announced its canine-focused airline in April.

An Argus Platinum-rated charter company is "responsible for all aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance-related matters," per the first press release.

Bark Air, which boasts having the "world’s first air travel experience designed specifically for dogs first, and their human companions second" treated dog owners to a pre-flight meal prepared by on-site chefs in New York as dogs mingled with furry fellow passengers.

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Before boarding, dogs were offered "calming treats, noise-canceling ear muffs and calming jackets to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable flight" by concierges, whose job was to "help them settle into their experience through socialization and dog-centric cabin preparation."

<p>Joe Gall</p> Bark Air

Joe Gall

Bark Air

Once on the plane, the dogs were "served their beverage of choice during ascent and descent to ensure they do not experience any ear discomfort commonly caused by changes in cabin pressure," per the first press release.

The inaugural sold-out flight cost customers who traveled with one human companion $6,000. The next flight will take off on Thursday, May 30, and only has a few seats left.

Bark Air's first international flight from N.Y. to London will take off on May 30 and is also sold out. It cost $8,000. The first flight to Paris — costing $8,500 — will take off in October and only a handful of seats remain.

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<p>Joe Gall</p> The plane's interior

Joe Gall

The plane's interior

Bark co-founder and CEO Matt Meeker acknowledged that the price was "cost-prohibitive" in a May letter, CBS News reported.

"This is cost-prohibitive for most families, but less expensive than most options today. And this is also how most innovative products and services began," he wrote. "Televisions, telephones, VCRs and DVD players, to automobiles, train and boat travel, and, yes, even human air travel — all of these started with very high prices until demand was proven and the costs could be brought lower by serving the masses."

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