Aussies Clean Up World SUP Event

October 6, 2011, 4:39

Australian riders have gained a reputation in Stand Up Paddle-boarding at an emerging world event, The ‘Battle of the Paddle’ in California.

Aussies Clean Up World SUP Event


From the first 15 men to finish the Battle of the Paddle in California, 6 were Australian stand up paddlers, 4 were Hawaiians and the rest were from all over the world.

Battle of the Paddle is a new racing format that has taken over the sport of Stand up Paddling. It involves racing around a series of buoys, one of which sits just outside the breaking waves whilst the other sits closer in to the beach.

The added challenge of paddling through waves makes this an extremely close and exhilarating race for both stand up paddlers and spectators.

Australian paddling legend Jamie Mitchell came in second place, just three seconds behind Connor Baxter.

Jamie fell just off the last buoy, which may have been the key factor that cost him the race.

After the race, he posted a video on Facebook about the fall, and his race tactics for the event. Click here to watch the interview.

Other Aussies in the top 15 paddlers included Travis Grant, Beau O'brian, Kelly Margetts, Jake Jenson and Paul Jackson who all paddled brilliantly in the conditions at hand.

In the women’s line-up - Angie Jackson also came in 14th place, only 5 seconds behind the winner Candice Appleby.

Congratulations to all the Aussie Stand up paddlers who competed in the event, and for those who missed the live feeds you can find the video below.

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