Woman's 'bad' attempt at tie-dye wedding dress divides internet

Tie dye wedding dress
A tie-dye wedding dress look that has gone viral before. Photo: Facebook

You might recognise the above wedding dress featuring a stunning rainbow look using tie-dye as it’s done the rounds on social media quite a few times.

But now a woman’s attempt at recreating the look for her own wedding has caused quite a debate online, with some people calling her gown “magnificent”, while others thought it was a very bad attempt.

An image of the recreated tie-dye dress, thought to have been done in France, was first shared to Instagram, before it was picked up and posted to a wedding shaming group on Facebook.

“Wow that is sublime,” was one enthusiastic comment.

Photo: Instagram
A woman shared her recreation online. Photo: Instagram/Facebook

But it quickly went down hill with people not liking the attempt to recreate the famous look.

“It looks like they took the dress to an airbrush t-shirt shop,” one person wrote.

“How I’ve always dreamed of a partially tie-dyed wedding dress, said no one ever,” another said.

“When you see the original they were trying to copy it just gets worse,” a third added, sharing images of the original style as well.

“They were definitely attempting to get this look and had some troubles,” another agreed.

There were plenty of people, however, who thought the look was a little more subdued but equally beautiful.

“Actually this is beautiful,” one person said.

“Don’t hate it, not really worth shaming,” another called out.

“I would absolutely wear that, anything is better than a white/cream dress,” another admitted.

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