Bachelor's Jimmy and Holly share 'devastating' news: 'Shattered'

The Bachelor's Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston took to Instagram on Saturday to share the 'devastating' news that their kitten Gus had to be put down.

In a joint statement, the pair shared their heartbreak, writing, "Hi guys, we have been a little quiet on here recently as we have needed to look after ourselves following some devastating news.

The Bachelor's Jimmy and Holly
The Bachelor's Jimmy and Holly shared the 'devastating' news on Saturday that their kitten Gus needed to be put down. Photo: Instagram/Holly Kingston

"Unfortunately, it is with great sadness that we were forced to make a tough decision to put our little Gus down. This is a call we made as a team for the sake of his quality of life following some tragic medical complications."


The pair, who first announced they were bringing Gus into their home just three weeks ago, continued, "No words can describe the heartbreak we are feeling after losing our little man so soon. As many would understand, losing an animal can feel like losing a family member.

"We acknowledge that many are facing various struggles, however, we figured it was necessary to update you all as he has been a big part of our lives on here."

Bachelor's Jimmy and Holly's kitten Gus
Jimmy and Holly only brought Gus home earlier this month. Photo: Instagram/Holly Kingston

They described the kitten as their "little ray of sunshine", adding, "We were truly obsessed with him and will always treasure the special moments we shared together. We are shattered.

"At this stage, we'd like to continue to grieve together and return when the time is right. Thank you for your support and kindness."

The pair had been sharing numerous Instagram Stories with Gus over the last three weeks, but kept his medical complications private.

Jimmy reveals he was approached for MAFS

Jimmy and Holly
It comes after Jimmy recently revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that he was originally approached to star on MAFS before he got the call for The Bachelor. Photo: Instagram/Holly Kingston

It comes after Jimmy recently revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that he was originally approached to star on MAFS before he got the call for The Bachelor.

When asked what he thinks the next season of The Bachelor will look like, Jimmy responded, "I have a suspicion that The Bachelor will be a little bit more MAFS-esque. And if that's what people want to watch, that's what they should probably do.

"If it is like that, will it produce as many successful couples? Maybe not. But is it going to be entertaining? Probably more entertaining."

Jimmy went on to reveal that while he hasn’t watched too many episodes of MAFS, he was actually approached to appear on the show a few years ago.

"I got asked to go on MAFS before The Bachelor and I said, 'Absolutely not'," he shared.

"It was just an Instagram message from someone and for me, it was just never going to be something that I could do. It works for some people, but I wanted to meet someone."

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