Bachelorette's Darvid Garayeli slams ex Brooke Blurton: 'A strong no'

Bachelorette winner Darvid Garayeli has hit out at ex Brooke Blurton after announcing their break-up in January.

A fan asked the star if he was still friends with Brooke on an Instagram Q&A and he didn’t hold back.

Left: Bachelorette Brooke in a shiny blue gown stands next to Darvid Garayeli on the set of the show.
Bachelorette star Darvid has taken a swipe at ex Brooke Blurton. Photo: Ten and Instagram/darvgarayeli

“It’s a strong no from me,” he replied, adding a skull emoji.

The couple aren't strangers to swapping nasty words, with Brooke claiming that her ex wanted to ‘humiliate’ and ‘silence’ her when he announced their split.

“Being in the public eye already is so difficult. Dealing with criticism and dealing with trolls and putting yourself out there in a very vulnerable place, it’s already so hard to navigate,” she told NITV’s The Point.


Accusing Darvid of announcing their break-up before she wanted, the former Bachelorette said he wanted to humiliate her.

“I had no choice in any part of it going public. I would have preferred not to, but it did,” Brooke said.

“What else did I have to do? I was silenced, I was defenceless, I just had to cop it.”

Left: a screenshot from Darvid's story showing a fireplace and the text: Are you still friends with Brooke? and: It's a strong no from me (with a skull emoji.) Right: A photo of Darvid and Brooke cuddling on the set of The Bachelorette
Darvid added a skull emoji to drive the point home. Photo: Instagram/darvgarayeli & Ten

Darvid was furious with Brooke's interview and took to his Instagram story to explain his point of view.

“When will it end? This was never my intention… There’s a lot more to the story that hasn’t been shown. I’ve stayed quiet in hopes it would simmer out, incredibly confused as to why it’s being dragged on.”

This comes after Brooke revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that she wants to have a role in The Bachelor this year, saying she’d love to be a ‘co-host’.

“People won’t know this, but I have a lot of ideas around the franchise,” she told us.

“I think it could be doing more. I think my season only kind of scratched the surface with what it’s capable of doing in terms of what it could address, the conversations it can have, and what it means for people who watch The Bachelor.”

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