Bachelorette eliminated contestants announce they 'love' each other

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UPDATE: Bec Pressing has since clarified her and Carissa Croft's relationship as 'just very close friends' and apologised for disappointing people with her post. See what she had to say here.

The Bachelorette's Carissa Croft and Bec Pressing at the beach.
Carissa Croft and Bec Pressing have revealed that they’re in love. Photo: Instagram/becapressing


With both male and female contestants starring on The Bachelorette for the first time ever, fans have been expecting to see more than one love story play out on-screen all season long.

And while it didn’t take place on-air, two of this year’s eliminated contestants have now revealed on social media that they love each other.

Bec Pressing, who left the show in week two, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a gushing post about her relationship with fellow contestant Carissa Croft.

“Words cannot express how much you mean to me,” she captioned the post. “To think I’ve only had you in my life for five months is insane, because I can’t imagine it without you now. I love you to the moon and back.”


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle shortly after her elimination, Bec said that it never crossed her mind to try and flirt with other people on the show besides Bachelorette Brooke Blurton.

“It wasn’t the reason why we were there. We were all there for Brooke and it was really important that we got to know her,” she said.

“I definitely think post-show, I would be surprised if nothing happened between any of the contestants, but there was nothing within the house that happened.

“There were some really strong connections in the house and some really strong friendships which I guess may bloom into something else down the track, but everyone was really focused on Brooke.”

The Bachelorette cast at the rose ceremony.
Bec said after her elimination that she “would be surprised if nothing happened between any of the contestants” post-show. Photo: Channel Ten

Although it wasn’t featured on TV, the pair’s social media posts from the experience highlight that they had a strong connection in the mansion.

They took a number of cute snaps together during Bec’s final cocktail party, which have since been shared on Instagram.

“Obsessed with you,” Bec captioned a gallery of selfies together, while Carissa wrote on her post: “Endlessly grateful to have met this one.”

Similar to The Bachelor earlier this year, contestants are locked out of their Instagram accounts from the show’s premiere up until three weeks after their elimination.

Bec evidently only recently re-gained control of her social media, while Carissa’s account is still being managed by Channel Ten.

The Bachelorette's Carissa Croft and Bec Pressing taking a selfie.
Carissa and Bec have shared a number of cute photos on their social media pages. Photo: Channel Ten

Carissa decided to leave the The Bachelorette in episode five because she felt as though she couldn’t fall in love in the reality TV environment and “give Brooke what she deserved”.

She revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle after her exit that she was offered the second single date of the season, but couldn’t go because of an injury.

Although she ended up receiving extended time with Brooke after the go-karting group date, she felt like it was already too late for their relationship to flourish.

“By the time that I did get the opportunity to spend time with Brooke, what had happened was I had created strong friendships in the house and some of those friends already had feelings for Brooke and they already had formed those romantic connections,” she said.

“So by that time, it felt like it just didn't feel right for me to then pursue her. It almost felt like I’d be betraying others, and I found myself in a moral dilemma where I didn’t feel right pursuing her.”

She added: “I think if you have a connection with someone, it's going to work no matter what. I'm a big believer in love and whatever’s meant to be will be, so I was okay with it.”

The Bachelorette's Bec Pressing and Carissa Croft.
Carissa said that she’s “a big believer in love and whatever’s meant to be will be”. Photo: Channel Ten

A number of Bec’s followers have since commented on her Instagram post applauding her and Carissa’s exciting relationship news.

“YES I AM SO HERE FOR THIS,” one person wrote, followed by another who called them the show’s “winners”.

“So happy for you!” another added, while someone else said, “This is the cutest! You actually suit each other”.

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