Bachelor star Megan Marx's hospital dash after WA flight: 'Severe pain'

Former Bachelor contestant Megan Marx has spoken about her dash to hospital after experiencing 'severe pain' when she flew into Queensand on Sunday.

The 32-year-old updated her Instagram followers on her health woes in a lengthy text post, explaining that her symptoms were related to her egg donation journey.

Megan Marx wearing a blue swimsuit. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx.
Former Bachelor star Megan Marx was rushed to hospital with abdominal pain related to her egg donation journey. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx.

'Straight to hospital'

Earlier this year, Megan revealed she was undergoing the process of donating her eggs in order to help other people realise their parenting dreams.

She said that she went 'straight to hospital' after her flight back from WA, where she'd spent the past six weeks holidaying.

"Flew from WA back to Queensland yesterday after six weeks away for this egg donation. Ended up going straight to hospital from the plane," Megan wrote.

She went on to list her symptoms, such as severe abdominal pain, nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath, and speculate if they were worsened by her flight.


A text Instagram post by Megan Marx about her hospitalisation with severe abdominal pain. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx.
Megan said that her symptoms included severe abdominal swelling and pain. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx.

"Severe abdominal swelling and pain, pain on pressure, plus a few other milder symptoms (nausea, dizziness, leg pain, shortness of breath). Unsure if being in the air made it worse.

"Basically the amount of fluid leaking into my body is causing all these issues."

Megan then appeared to suggest she was suffering ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHSS which, according to Mayo Clinic, "usually occurs in women taking injectable hormone medications to stimulate the development of eggs in the ovaries".

"OHSS is no joke," she wrote. "I can't imagine how people with severe symptoms deal with this, because it's just been a week of hell."

Megan Marx wearing a blue hospital gown. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx.
Megan has been documenting her egg donation journey on OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx.
Megan Marx and her boyfriend, Keith Newman. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx.
Megan and her boyfriend, Keith Newman were reunited after six weeks apart. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx.

It wasn't all bad news for the Instagram influencer, who admitted she'd had a 'super romantic evening' with her boyfriend, Keith Newman after six weeks apart.

Megan reassured her followers that she will be 'fine,' and thanked the staff at Sunshine Coast University Hospital for looking after her.

Megan's egg donation decision

Megan shared an update on her six-month 'altruistic egg donation' journey back in July with a short video on Instagram showing her injecting hormones into her stomach and undergoing an egg retrieval procedure.

In the caption, Megan provided more insight into why she decided to donate her eggs and why she doesn't want congratulations.

"Please don’t send me congratulations! I’m not pregnant, I’m not trying to get pregnant, and have not/ am not freezing my eggs - but yes, this is fertility based. Altruistic egg donation (I did not receive any $ from doing this)."

Megan Marx injecting hormones into her stomach with a syringe. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx.
Meghan showed herself injecting hormones into her stomach to stimulate egg development. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx.

She also explained why she chose to share her story in full on OnlyFans, a subscription platform that's most known for its R-rated content.

"I know talking about fertility can be triggering for many people, for good reason, so I’ll be sharing from a different platform - so you can be intentional with your decision to watch."

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