Bachelor star Keira Maguire's surprising TV admission: 'Not going to deny that’

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After bursting onto the scene as the confrontational ‘villain’ on The Bachelor in 2016, Keira Maguire has managed to build a solid career for herself as a beauty influencer and remain a familiar face in the reality TV world.

The 35-year-old, who has since appeared on two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise, has now opened up about her stardom on SBS’ Insight and admitted that she has ‘narcissistic traits’.

Keira Maguire on SBS' Insight.
Keira has admitted that she has ‘narcissistic traits’. Photos: SBS

“I’ve actually only been called a narcissist in the last couple of years and maybe five times,” she said.

Keira explained that she received backlash and was labelled a ‘narcissist’ for being a “very strong, confident character” on season three of Bachelor In Paradise last year.

“Which is who I am and I’m not going to deny that,” she added.

“I speak with a lot of conviction, I can back myself and I just feel like a lot of people see that as a narcissistic trait.”


When she was later asked directly if she believes she has any characteristics of a narcissistic personality, the reality TV queen frankly responded, “of course I do”.

She went on to detail that it’s important for people in the world of entertainment and influencer sphere to be somewhat egotistical.

“You need to have some sort of narcissistic traits, you need to have an ego to be in this industry,” she said.

Keira Maguire's Instagram.
Keira says it’s important to have an ego to be in the entertainment industry. Photo: SBS

“You actually need an ego to survive in today’s day and age. I don't think that I have a narcissistic disorder but I definitely feel like I have traits of it.”

Keira also spoke about her social media career as a beauty influencer and confessed that she “probably” wouldn’t use Instagram if it wasn’t her job.

“I actually get a lot of people saying to me that I’m completely different on social media than the way that I’m perceived on TV,” she said.

“I feel like on social media, although everything is controlled and filtered, I do get to express myself the way that I truly am and it does relay.”

Keira Maguire on Bachelor In Paradise.
Keira has starred in three seasons of the Bachelor franchise. Photo: Channel Ten

Keira’s TV interview comes shortly after fellow Bachelor In Paradise alums Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Glenn Smith announced their engagement.

The pair, who are one of the two successful couples to come out of the reality show, shared the exciting news on social media last week.

“MEET MY FIANCÉ!,” Alisha captioned a loved-up snap with Glenn showing off her ring.

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