Bachelor's Sam and Snezana face another setback with baby's health

The Bachelor star Sam Wood has given fans an update on his youngest daughter’s health, saying that Harper had to go back to the hospital last night.

It’s been a rocky road for Sam and his wife Snezana Wood, with their newborn Harper spending 24 days in the hospital before being allowed to come home.

Left: Bachelor couple Snezana and Sam Wood with their newborn baby Harper. Right: Sam looks into the camera with hand on his chest.
Bachelor star Sam Wood has provided another update on his newborn baby's heatlh. Photos: Instagram/snezanawood & samjameswood

“Snez had to take Harper to the Royal Children’s Hospital last night at 10:30pm. She got home with Harper and Evie at 5:45am,” he whispered on his Instagram story.

Giving everybody an intimate look into their family life, the star then turned his camera to reveal Snezana and baby Harper fast asleep in bed.

“Have a look at this, the most beautiful thing,” he gushed.


The fitness coach then explained that Harper had caught an infection from her siblings Charlie and Willow.

“Now little Harper’s got it. Just waiting to get her blood test back,” he said with a big sigh.

“Being tested at the moment,” he admitted.

Left: Sam holds his newborn baby Harper and feeds her using a bottle. Right: Snezana and baby Harper fast asleep in bed.
Sam and Snezana have been open about the setbacks they've had with baby Harper. Photos: Instagram/samjameswood

This comes after the golden Bachelor couple’s constant struggle with Harper’s health issues, after the baby was born a month early.

Snezana wrote a sweet tribute to her husband on Instagram, saying: “Our little Harper had an infection and mama here sepsis, but you never told me or showed me how serious it was or how worried you were.

“You stayed calm which kept me calm. I asked you to stay with Harper till she was ok, and you did, then you came across to the hospital I was taken to, to make sure I was okay.”

Sam documented the moment that his wife and baby Harper were reunited after recovering, sharing the ‘beautiful’ video on Instagram.

“You really are the strongest and most beautiful person I know, and like you, thank god the force is strong in little Harper,” he wrote.

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