Bachelor's controversial Instagram move after makeover

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
Australia's 2019 Bachelor Matt Agnew in March (L) and now (R). Photo: Channel Ten

When the new promo for The Bachelor Australia was released this week, eligible Matt Agnew had fans talking for one very important reason – his undeniable transformation.

After being introduced to the country in March as a super cute spectacled, Clark Kent lookalike, the man presented in front of us this week was a suave hunk of a human, with a chiselled jaw and no glasses that pretty much made him unrecognisable.

Now it seems that the astrophysicist’s more runway ready look is here to stay, and the reality star seems to be more than ready to forget his pre-Bachie self.

The 31-year-old’s official Instagram account no longer features the initial Bachelor announcement photo from earlier this year that featured him holding a rose while wearing glasses.

Now he’s simply shared the image of his polished new look, along with the caption: “Flying through space to nail a three point super hero landing? Just ticking off some childhood dreams on my way to finding love!”

Where is the old post of Matt wearing the glasses in the initial Bachelor announcement? Photo: Instagram/mrmattagnew
Fans can't stop talking about his transformation. Photo: Facebook/The Bachelor Memes

That’s not stopping fans from speaking about his big transformation.

“Is this even the same person?” read the caption next to a comparison post on The Bachelor Memes Facebook page.

Many fans believe the Clark Kent/Superman makeover is just what the Channel Ten producers have planned all along.

“Probably superman, as apparently no one can recognise him when there are glasses on his face,” one fan commented.

“Total superman moment! Oh I didn’t realise he was hot until he took his glasses off,” wrote another, while one more fan added, “It’s Clarke Kent and Superman. Disguised by a pair of glasses!”

A different-looking Matt once again. Photo: Linkedin/Matthew Agnew
Is this the same guy? Photo: Facebook

Others think the Honey Badger’s successor has gone under the knife to achieve his new look.

“His nose has changed completely so nose job??” wrote a follower.

“I knew he looked different!! Nose job much?”

Whatever it may be that’s got him looking different, why shun your past self Matt by deleting that glasses photo?

The Bachelor Australia will air later this year on Channel Ten.

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