Bachelor star Leah Costa reveals wild OnlyFans success

She was the subject of scandal and slut-shaming during her time on The Bachelor, but Leah Costa is proving she can turn any kind of frown upside down, cashing in her notoriety for jaw-dropping success online.

A contestant on Matty J’s season of The Bachelor back in 2017 and later on The Bachelor in Paradise, Leah revealed back in October that she was swapping her reality TV clout for cold, hard cash by launching an OnlyFans adult site.

The Bachelor Leah Costa OnlyFans announcement photo sexy schoolgirl outfit
Leah Costa launched OnlyFans after a rocky experience on reality TV. Photo: Instagram/leahpcosta

Joining the likes of Love Island’s Vanessa Sierra, former Disney star Bella Thorne and many more, Leah has now joined the top 1% of creators, just eight weeks after signing up.

“So after a very short two months I’ve managed to break into the elusive top 1% of creators on the platform,” she revealed via a story shared to her Instagram.

Leah Cost with Matty J on the Bachelor 2017
Leah rose to fame on The Bachelor in 2017. Photo: Instagram/leahpcosta

OnlyFans is a website where viewers pay a monthly subscription to view exclusive content posted by creators. Because there are no censorship rules, many use the site to share intimate and X-rated images banned on social media giants like Instagram and Facebook.

OnlyFans creators who are in the top 1% are believed to earn 33% of all the site’s revenue. One internet user estimated that at that rate, creators like Leah should rake in around $20,000 per month.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Leah for comment.


Leah charges fans $27 per month to view her content and is using the funds to begin construction on a winery project.

Leah Costa The Bachelor OnlyFans career black bodysuit bed photo
Since joining in October, Leah has become a top 1% creator on the site. Photo: Instagram/leahpcosta

Leah first announced she was signing up to the site in a strongly-worded Instagram post in which the star opened up about being ‘s**t-shamed’ during her time in the reality TV spotlight, and how it spurred her on to set out on this new endeavour.

“OnlyFans Announcement: Back in 2017, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and participate in a little tv show called ‘The Bachelor’,” she wrote in a lengthy post.

Leah Costa in sexy santa outfit OnlyFans $27 per month
Leah charges subscribers $27 per month. Photo: Instagram/leahpcosta

“What followed was an experience which I can only identify as intense widespread s**t-shaming by the show, the media, and the general public for working as a topless waitress.

“During this exercise, imagery of me was released without my consent in an attempt to tarnish my character.”

The video she referred to was shared by the Daily Mail at the time, showing her working as a topless entertainer back in December 2016.

In the video, she was wearing nothing but a plaid miniskirt, which in an extreme power move, she again donned to make her OnlyFans launch announcement.

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