Bachelor fans angry after Brooke's 'big secret' last night

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

For the past week The Bachelor has been promoting ‘Brooke’s big secret’, but when her bombshell finally dropped last night, many viewers weren’t happy.

Taking to social media, fans have slammed the Channel Ten reality show for placing so much emphasis on Brooke’s previous relationships with women “for ratings”, with many saying it shouldn’t be a “big deal”.

@TheBachelorAU that was Brooke’s ‘big’ secret? Are u kidding? Terrible viewing last night … you made it look like being a bi/gay woman is something of a ‘big deal’ news flash… it’s not!” one viewer tweeted. 

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor saw Brooke open up about her past relationships. Photo: Channel Ten

Catching up on #TheBachelorAU and how disappointing that Brooke’s ‘big, juicy secret’ is her ‘not being bisexual or a lesbian’,” another wrote. 

Last night Brooke decided to take Nick aside for a one-on-one chat at the cocktail party after a stressful lie detector test during the earlier group date.

“I’ve had four relationships. I was with a guy for three years,” the 23-year-old told him.

“I’ve also had two relationships with women. But I’m a big person of who you are, obviously not face value and what you look like. So for me when I was in those relationships, I looked beyond what they were as female and I really loved for who they were as people.

“I’m not a bisexual or a lesbian or anything like that. I’m a big lover of people for who they are and I just really don’t want to be judged on that,” she added.

Some of the online backlash following the episode was surrounding the way in which Brooke expressed herself, though there were other fans who defended her.

The Bachelor Nick Cummins, aka the Honey Badger, didn’t have an issue with Brooke’s past relationships when she told him about them. Photo: Channel Ten

“Maybe the people in Brooke’s life weren’t accepting of her dating women and she said what she said out of fear of judgment, give her a break #TheBachelorAU,” one viewer wrote.

“I was going to critique #brooke’s way of talking about her sexuality, then I realised that I don’t have that right. She’s 23. I don’t know her life or what she’s been taught or what she’s been through to get where she is,” another penned. 

The Bachelor continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.

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