All your Bachelor Australia questions answered

Matt Agnew is seen here in the garden wearing a burgundy blazer during the finale of Australia's The Bachelor
Matt Agnew is Australia's star of The Bachelor for 2019. Photo: Channel Ten

The 2019 seventh season of Australia’s The Bachelor kicks off tonight, with Matt Agnew coming face-to-face with a bevy of women who are vying for his heart.

The 32-year-old astrophysicist has hinted he’s already found ‘the one’ after filming the show in Sydney, but we know there are plenty more questions that needs answering.

Here are some bachie mysteries solved ahead of the 2019 season, which once again will be hosted by the oh so charming Osher Gunsberg.

Where is the Bachelor mansion?

This is an aerial picture of the 2019 Bachelor Australia mansion in Sydney
The Bachelor mansion is located at Nelly’s Farm on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Photo: Getty

The Bachelor mansion is located at Nelly’s Farm, a Hamptons-inspired estate in Oxford Falls, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

A former Bachelor producer tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the love hopefuls are split across the bedrooms on bunk beds.

“Parts of the house are sanctioned off for crew,” they tells us. “Certain bathrooms are sanctioned off, there’s constantly lights set up. You’re not living in a home. You’re living on a set.”

When does the Bachelor film?

The Bachelor is usually filmed Monday to Friday, months ahead of the TV premiere.

Filming usually doesn’t occur on the weekend, during which the contestants must remain inside the mansion gates.

“Occasionally they’ll go on a supervised walk [on weekends] but once paps are around, they’re stuck,” our source tells us.

Does anyone live with the Bachelor contestants?

Pictured here are the twenty eight contestants of Channel Ten reality show The Bachelor
The Bachelor's filming takes place during the week, Monday to Friday. Photo: Channel Ten

The former producer tells us that one staff member, usually an associate producer, lives in the mansion with the contestants - a female if female contestants on The Bachelor, and male if male contestants on The Bachelorette.

The producer is the only person who has their own bedroom and is with the contestants 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How much do Bachelor contestants get paid?

Contestants on The Bachelor Australia receive a $100 weekly allowance for appearing on the Channel Ten reality show about dating that stars Matt Agnew.
The Bachelor contestants receive a small weekly allowance. Photo: Channel Ten

It turns out the Bachelor contestants don’t get paid a whole lot.

"You don't get paid a wage as such, you get given a weekly expense allowance which is under $100 a day. It is below minimum wage," a former Bachelor star, who decided to stay anonymous, previously told News Corp.

"It's ridiculous what you get paid. A lot of the girls were excited to get that amount a week, but I was like, 'Are you serious, I wouldn't get out of bed for that’.”

How much alcohol is served?

How much alcohol is served on The Bachelor Australia 2019 with Matt Agnew
A former producer of the reality show says production cuts contestants' alcohol off once they appear to have had too much. Photo: Channel Ten

Viewers will see the bubbles and wine brought out during many single dates and of course, cocktail parties.

“The Australian one is under a RSA so they do have a responsible service of alcohol in that if anyone becomes tipsy, they do cut them off,” says our source.

“They are really responsible from what I’ve seen working on the show. I can’t fault them there.”

Are the roses real?

“The roses are real but a lot of the set flowers that are in the bushes that don’t need to be in focus, they’re completely plastic,” our insider reveals.

The Bachelor Australia premieres tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.

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