'Baby Swiftie' Makes Taylor Swift's 'Heart Hands' in Ultrasound

Taylor Swift

Some of Taylor Swift's loyal fans may joke that they were born a Swiftie, but in one case, a fan might actually have proof that her baby was a Swiftie from the womb.

One woman's ultrasound is currently going viral for this exact reason, as her baby appeared to be making Swift's iconic "heart hands" pose in a photo taken at the hospital. The Swiftie in question, TikTok user Nashys_Era, posted pictures to her TikTok Stories of the special moment.

"When the sonographer says, 'look, she's doing that heart thing with her hands,'" she wrote over a snap of the ultrasound. She added another photo comparing the ultrasound to Swift's memorable pose that she used a lot during her Fearless tour, and said, "Raising my baby girl right."

Quoting the song "Fearless," the fan wrote, "And I don't know how it gets better than this..🫶🏼," before adding, "Baby Swiftie coming October 2024."

Fans shared love for the sweet moment in the comments, such as one who also referenced "Fearless" lyrics, writing, "So glad they captured it so we could remember it 🫶🏼."

"Her name has to have either Taylor or Allison in it now. Baby swiftie has decided," read a top-liked comment, while more wrote things like, "i would have that framed forever," and "This is a flex✨."

Another Swiftie reacted, "As an ultrasound tech, finding this is my new career goal ♥️," and more joked about how her daughter was prepped to attend a Swift concert before even being born: "🥹🥹 lil Taylor Tot getting ready for a future concert."

Like this Swiftie, many others have also shared important life moments with the star whether the Grammy winner knows it or not–such as couples who got engaged at Eras Tour, including one during her recent Madrid show as she performed "Love Story." A different fan didn't let anything get in the way of Eras Tour as the pregnant Swiftie sang through contractions at a concert.

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