How Australia's first nude restaurant in Melbourne went down

Leah Cohen

Melbourne just hosted Australia’s first ever completely nude restaurant.

Radio hosts Jo and Lehmo of Melbourne’s Gold 104.3 FM raised the idea of having a naked restaurant in Melbourne a few weeks back and questioned whether foodies and nudies would actually go.

Australia's first nude restaurant on Thursday night, May 26, was a success.

Surprisingly, the response was overwhelming, with phone and text lines going off with pleading fans in favour of the nude-themed restaurant.

Finally the hosts came around and decided to carry out the nude food idea and last night the magic happened.

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Collingwood restaurant The Noble Experiment on Smith Street, hosted 50 bare bums from all walks of life, with many first timers embracing the experience.

While some guests were apprehensive at first, they soon relaxed a little said they were "excited to push their boundaries and try something new."

So they could ease into the unfamiliar situation, diners arrived fully clothed and were provided white fluffy robes to change into while they sipped on welcome cocktails.

Jo and Lehmo were there but kept their robes on. Photo: Instagram

Soon they disrobed behind the restaurant's covered up windows and the nude festivities began.

Chatting to Sunrise hosts Kochy and Samantha the morning after the event, the restaurant’s owner Daniel Lemura said it was a fun night and everyone was on their best behaviour.

Kochy raised some concerns about soup being slopped onto laps, but Lemura assured him everything went smoothy. "There was no soup served, so we were pretty much covered with that one. There were a couple of forks and knives that hit the floor... but ye it was a great night," Lemura said.

Samantha recommended to the nude diners, "if you drop your knife and fork, don't bend over to pick it up please," but Lemura said "oh no, they did that."

Guests disrobed and seated their bare bums on chairs for the nude dinner experience.

Even the restaurant's waiters and bar staff stripped down to just their aprons.

Jo and Lehmo however decided it was best if they kept their robes on, even though Lehmo announced during yesterday's Gold 104.3 radio show that he didn't want to completely ride off the idea of going butt.

While Jo squirmed at the thought of being buff in public, she said the night was about body positivity and allowing people to embrace the notion of being free.

"This is about body acceptance, feeling free and loving yourself in your skin and shaming the body shamers," she said.

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