Australian Idol's Angelina Curtis 'nervous' after 'As It Was' performance

Australian Idol's Angelina Curtis 'nervous' after 'As It Was' performance.

Video transcript

ANGELINA CURTIS: I'm a bit nervous. I mean, my performance last night wasn't my absolute best performance, as Harry pointed out, but I'm hoping that I've got a strong enough support system to get me through. I'm hoping that I don't get [INAUDIBLE] because I'm having way too much fun doing this and I don't want to go home any time soon. Honestly, I'm so grateful that I've been able to have this opportunity to perform for the whole of Australia and on national television and in front of four incredibly talented judges as well, and meeting so many great people. I mean, the benefits of this experience are amazing, especially because I'm 15. I'm gaining so much, like, music industry knowledge and everything, so there's no downsides to this.