Australian Governor General slammed for comment on Queen's death

Australia's Governor-General David Hurley has been slammed for his "disrespectful" comments about the Queen during her Platinum Jubilee by 2GB's Ben Fordham.

It comes after Hurley, the Australian representative of Her Majesty, was asked about the possibility of our country becoming a republic while he was in the UK for the Jubilee celebrations.

Australia's Governor-General David Hurley has been slammed for his 'disrespectful' comment about the Queen's death. Photo: Getty
Australia's Governor-General David Hurley has been slammed for his 'disrespectful' comment about the Queen's death. Photo: Getty

"I think at the moment people centre on the Queen, and then when she goes, when she passes, then the succession comes in, there's a new discussion in Australia," he said.

Ben didn't hold back on Monday morning, saying, "'When she goes'? It's her big celebration. Imagine going to someone's anniversary or birthday party and saying 'now listen, when she's gone.'


"We don't talk about that now," he added. "You're over there representing Australia and it hasn't gone down well I can tell you."

Ben read some comments from listeners with one saying, "Disgraceful, whose side is he on?" another added it was "very poor taste".

A third said, "How insensitive can you get? And while he may be correct, I think it was a bizarre comment to be making during this very important celebration."

The Queen and the royal family
The Queen stood on the balcony at Buckingham Palace on Sunday with Prince Charles, Camilla, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children George, Charlotte and Louis. Photo: Getty

Speaking of the Queen's achievements and how she showed up on the Buckingham Palace balcony despite finding the events earlier this week to be "tiring", Ben said, "She's so impressive and we just shouldn't be talking about the Queen passing away when she is well and truly alive."

It comes after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese recently appointed Matt Thistlethwaite as the Assistant Minister for the Republic, with Mr Thistlethwaite telling Sky News Australia: "I'd like to congratulate the Queen on her jubilee and her reign I think she's been a fantastic monarch and leader of the commonwealth.

"But as she comes to the twilight of her reign I think Australians are naturally beginning to ask themselves what comes next for Australia.

"Do we want King Charles or are we mature enough or independent enough to look to appoint one of our own as our head of state?"

"This is a time of celebration focus on the good things, focus on the party, focus on the achievement and the record," Ben said, speaking of both comments, saying the timing by both men was "appalling".

When one listener said that they believed "support for the monarchy is declining" and that we should have the debate about becoming a republic, Ben hit back, "Well, yes let's have a debate at an appropriate time, I think anyone with any degree of decency would appreciate this is not the time."

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