Austin Butler singing Beyoncé with a reporter is the video we need right now

Daniel Merrifield aka The Movie Dweeb tells Yahoo Lifestyle about the incredibly sweet moment.

They say you should never meet your idols but Austin Butler has proven that, sometimes, it can be ok!

In one of the most wholesome videos circulating the internet today, an interviewer has revealed the adorable moment he found himself in a duet with the Dune: Part Two star.

Daniel Merrifield, who goes by the name of The Movie Dweeb across social media, shared a video to his Instagram, TikTok and X accounts with the caption: "Singing 'Break My Soul' with Austin Butler was not on my 2024 bingo card.'

Austin Butler delighted a reporter when he started singing a Beyoncé song with him. Credit: @themoviedweeb
Austin Butler delighted a reporter when he started singing a Beyoncé song with him. Credit: @themoviedweeb

The clip shows Austin and co-star Timothee Chalamet getting ready for an interview as Merrifield hums Beyoncé's 'Break My Soul'.


"Are you singing 'Break My Soul'?" Austin asks.

"Yeah!," replies Merrifield. "Did we just do a duet? I think we did!"

The video creator then jokes that he is 'the Beyoncé of the room" to which Austin replies "I can see that! Are you a Virgo?".

While Merrifield is not a Virgo, he is certainly one happy reporter after sharing such a fun moment with the down-to-earth movie star.

"What’s so funny is that we were in that room for a while, setting up the shots, etc, and I was singing Break My Soul all morning, driving the rest of the crew nuts," Merrifield told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"So it’s nice that at least one person, Austin, enjoyed it with me."

Merrifield also assured Yahoo Lifestyle that the snippet seen of Austin being friendly was not contained to just that moment. "He was, hands-down, one of my favourite celebrities I’d ever met," the content creator reveals. "He was down-to-earth, talkative, fun; he asked us if he’d see us at the premiere later that evening.

"Just an unbelievably likeable dude."

The Movie Dweeb's followers were just as rapt as he was about the interaction, with one writing "Austin Butler's singing breaks me in the best way possible."

"Him asking if you're a Virgo. I love him so much," another wrote.

Another of The Movie Dweeb's TikTok fans said "This is my Roman Empire" while someone else enthused "That's so amazing!!!".


The video has been viewed more than 200,000 times on Twitter/X and another 18,000 times on Instagram.

Austin is currently on the promo trail for Dune: Part Two which has racked up an impressive USD 81.5 million for its domestic debut. The actor is also currently starring in the TV series Masters of the Air on Apple TV+ and will soon be seen in The Bikeriders alongside Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy.

Says Merrifield of the experience, "All I want to do now is take him to see Beyoncé. What I wouldn’t give to sing Countdown with him.

"Annoyingly, his voice is much better than mine."

We are putting it out there into the universe that this reunion happens!

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