Aussie wrestler Grayson Waller's cryptic response to Sunrise controversy

"I’m going to punch you straight in the jaw."

Australian wrestler Grayson Waller appeared on Sunrise earlier this week in a segment that stirred controversy when he lost his temper after hosts Nat Barr and Matt Doran asked him to show off some moves on a willing crew member.

The wrestling champ appeared on the morning show with US wrestler LA Knight on Tuesday, and things took a turn when Nat and Matt tried to goad the pair into showing off some of their techniques.

Nat wrapped up the interview by asking for a "signature move" from the wrestlers, and things quickly turned with both wrestlers not keen to participate as a crew member walked forward with his fists up.

“I don’t think you understand... if I come over there right now, we’re going to have the police here, cos I’m not going to give you some fake punch," Grayson said. "I’m going to punch you straight in the jaw." He then stood up from his seat as Matt jumped up to step in the middle of Grayson and the crew member.

Aussie wrestler Grayson Waller, Sunrise's Matt Doran and Nat Barr
Aussie wrestler Grayson Waller had a controversial appearance on Sunrise this week. Photo: Seven

This left Matt trying to calm down Grayson as the crew member disappeared off set, with Grayson telling the crew member not to "act all tough" and calling him "disrespectful."


Now Grayson has left a cryptic response on his Twitter, with some fans assuming it's a dig at the interview, with footage of the interview now sitting on over 1.5 million views on Twitter alone.

Grayson merely tweeted an image on his own account yesterday and to non-wrestling fans it may not seem like much, but wrestling fans were quick to understand the context.

The photo is from a 1988 interview with wrestler David Schultz who came across journalist John Stossel who was working on an expose about the world of wrestling at the time. After John referenced things being fake, David promptly smacked the reporter across the face asking, "You think this is fake?"

While Grayson Waller has been making a name for himself in the world of wrestling, reality fans may recognise him from his stint on Australian Survivor in 2019. His aggressive nature on the show left fans and contestants divided, with former AFL player Abbey Holmes dubbing him "an actual idiot".

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