Aussie woman's jaw-dropping handbag collection divides Facebook: 'Obnoxious'

When one Aussie woman shared her perfectly organised collection of handbags on Facebook, she couldn't have anticipated the polarised views it would elicit.

"The handbag room has been organised," the poster wrote in the Cleaning & Organisation Inspiration Australia Facebook group, along with stunning photos of her many bags.

She quickly received over 3,000 likes on the post and almost 1,500 comments from people who were either in awe of her collection or disgusted by it.

Handbag collection
The woman shared her extensive bag collection in a cleaning and organisation group on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

"OMG are these all yours? It looks amazing! How awesome to have the room to be able to do that," one person commented.

"Be still my beating heart, I am in looooove," another wrote, while someone else added, "Handbag goals".

"Hi all, thanks for the lovely comments. I posted this because I love organising and seeing all of your wonderful ideas is inspiring," the original poster replied.

However, a few in the group questioned why she needed so many bags.

Handbag collection
The handbags are displayed by colour and well spread out so they can be easily seen. Photo: Facebook

"You could just about feed a third world country with what these must have cost!" one woman wrote in disgust.

"My husband took one look at this and went 'that's a gross example of consumerism' so I don't think this is the norm," another person commented, but added: "in saying that, everyone is entitled to their hobbies."

"It's either a deceptive post and it is indeed a retailer or someone needing some attention showing off an obnoxious collection of handbags so she can get some 'Oh Wows'!" wrote one group member, adding: "Saddest of all though is the materialism and the number of people genuinely impressed by this."

'Negative Nancys'

"A lot of jealous comments," one woman wrote in the OP's defence. "You go girl, wow what an amazing collection. Some very wise investments there also. Absolutely beautiful. You must get a giggle out of the negative Nancys. Beautiful collection, I'm green with envy."

And while many group members jumped to the original poster's defence, she also answered the critics herself, saying she was able to collect so many bags because she is childless and most weren't expensive.

Handbag collection
The handbags are mainly mid-range items with a couple of designer totes, but some group members believe no one should own so many. Photo: Facebook

"Let me state that most of these bags are on special and not designer, but just pretty. My goal is to give the opportunity for anyone who wants to borrow one ability to do so. Sharing is caring. Questions answered: Yes I use them all. I rotate maybe fortnightly. I enjoy the organising of cleaning out a handbag. The nice ones are mostly gifts from my beautiful friends. Yes I have a favourite."

She then revealed her favourite was a burgundy Michael Kors bag. "My best friend got it for me and started my obsession," she shared.

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