Aussie trainer's genius hack for cleaning white runners

Whether you saved up for a pair of must-have Balenciaga trainers or rely on your trusty Vejas for your morning commute, we’ve all fallen for fashion’s ‘It’ trainers.

But did you know that chucking your beloved lace-ups on a hot cycle in the washing machine can do more harm than good?

Chontel Duncan, a personal trainer from Australia, took to Instagram to share a six-step guide to caring for your white trainers – no hot water necessary.

Alongside a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photograph of her trainers, she wrote: “Before anyone asks this is NOT sponsored, it’s simply just a clever ‘shoe hack’ that I swear by”.

According to Duncan, the six-hour ritual simply requires a bar of Sard Wonder Soap and her step-by-step guide is surprisingly easy to follow.

First, scrub the soap all over your go-to trainers while running the cold water tap until the shoes become damp. Note to self: it’s very important not to rinse the shoes.

Instead, place the soapy trainers in the washing machine on a cold cycle before popping into direct sunlight to dry.

And there you have it, your white trainers will be restored to their former box-fresh glory.

But it’s not the only trainer tip we’ve learned in recent weeks, as new research suggests that forgoing socks when wearing sneakers can have unpleasant consequences.

According to a study conducted by Size?, donning canvas shoes without socks will result in three times more bacteria particularly in the insole and sole areas.

So, if you only have mismatched socks left in your drawer tomorrow morning, consider it a great excuse to skip spin class in favour of an extra hour in bed…

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