Aussie mum unrecognisable after losing an incredible 60kg

An Aussie mum has opened up about losing an incredible 63kg, after she was told she’d never have kids due to her size.

A former self-confessed chocaholic, Kimberley Tripp’s doctor told her it would be nearly impossible for her to get pregnant due to her 140kg, size 22 frame. She was also battling Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

But the 34-year-old from Brisbane has been able to turn her life around and welcome twins.

weight loss kimberley before photo
Kimberley was told she’d never have kids due to her size. Photo: Caters

“I have been overweight for as long as I remember," Kimberley said.

“I grew up with everyone else in my family being really skinny apart from me. I was bullied from a really young age about my weight and it continued to balloon as I got older.

“At my biggest, I lacked so much confidence and was always being confused for being pregnant when I wasn’t.

“I had always wanted to be a mum, but I never knew if it was going to happen for me," she said, adding that losing weight to become pregnant was her "biggest motivator".

At her heaviest weight, Kimberley said she was addicted to chocolate and soft drink – with the mum easily consuming a family block of chocolate a day.

And while her previous diet consisted mainly of sugary snacks and carb-heavy meals, she has completely overhauled it, enjoying a ketogenic diet that focuses on healthy meals that are high in protein and healthy fats, while lower in carbohydrates.

"Now I’ve found a real love of cooking healthy meals that are mainly keto," she said.

In her quest to lose weight and become a mother, Kimberley explained that she tried her fair share of ‘fad’ diets and exercise programs, but after being diagnosed with PCOS – which meant it was going to be a nearly impossible for her to be able to lose a lot of weight naturally – she decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery in December 2015 to help kick-start her weight loss journey.

Kimberley weight loss transformation
Kimberley has now lost over 60kg. Photo: Caters

Thanks to the surgery and her diet change, she now looks unrecognisable, weighing 77kg and fitting into a size 12.

Inspirational Kimberley has gone on to have her miracle twins boys, Leo and Patrick, now fifteen months.

"I was so shocked when I found out I was pregnant with twins, that I spent the whole day happy crying," she said.

“I thought I might never get to be a mother, let alone to have two beautiful babies.

"It takes a lot of hard work and commitment. I have since maintained a low-carb, keto diet and I enjoy being active at the gym.

“I’m not at my goal weight as I’d like to lose another 10kg, but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come.”

kimberley mum with twins
Kimberley is loving her healthier life with twin boys Leo and Patrick. Photo: Caters

Since turning her life around, Kimberley says she is happier and healthier than ever – and loving life with her twin boys.

She added: ““I will never stop working on myself and striving towards a healthy life.

“Apart from losing weight, I’ve found a love of cooking and exercise.

“This is a love that I’m looking forward to passing onto my children.”

Reporting by Caters News.

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