Aussie model on the dark reality of fashion week

Francesca Specter
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Aussie model on the dark reality of fashion week

A 24-year-old model has shared a candid Instagram post detailing how her experience of the fashion industry put her in a “dark place” where she never felt “thin enough”.

Taylah Roberts, a former ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ contestant, uploaded a before and after image of herself in underwear.

In the left image, a throwback to when she felt “unworthy” and “insecure”, Taylah’ ribs and hip bones are visible.

“All I see in the photo on the left is sadness, exhaustion, insecurity and lack of worth beyond size,” she writes in the caption.

“I was always always fighting to stay that way. Terrified that in an instant my dreams would be ripped away from me if the number on a measuring tape had increased by half an inch,” she continued.

“I feel blessed to have almost fully recovered from this dark place I once called home but I still get glimpses of it and it’s usually around this time of year.. Fashion week.”

Taylah, who has spoken openly about her struggle with an eating disorder, competed in ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ in 2013 when she was just 18.

Although it is not clear when exactly this photo is from, Taylah refers to a time in her life when she was in a “dark place” due to the pressures of the fashion industry.

She also spoke in a post last month about the eating disorder she suffered from six years ago – which would coincide with the age she was when filming the popular modelling contest.

Roberts was disqualified from the popular show after she was filmed lunging at fellow contestant, Ashley Pogmore, and choking her in a joke that backfired.

Roberts has since apologised for the incident.

"It's just one of those things that just happened so quickly and once I'd done it, I knew that it was the wrong thing to do," she told Australian news show ‘A Current Affair’.

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