Why this Aussie grandmother is driving Christmas presents across the country

Olivia Morris
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‘Tis the season to be jolly, enjoy time with family and exchange gifts.

One Aussie grandmother is going the extra mile (quite literally) for her grandchildren, having chosen to drive their Christmas presents 1,500km across the country.

However, her reasoning behind it all is because she has a serious bone to pick with Australia Post.

Mandy Hickman has stated she’s boycotting the national postal service after a parcel delivery error.

Aussie grandmother Mandy Hickman has revealed she is driving her grandchildren’s Christmas presents across the country to deliver them, instead of using Australia Post. Source: Nine/A Current Affair

In an interview with A Current Affair, Ms. Hickman revealed AusPost mixed up a package coming from the USA, which had essential supplements and vitamins she and her husband take.

“A parcel came to my place, addressed to the wrong address. I opened it, then I got my glasses and realised it wasn’t my parcel,” she explained.

After contacting the woman whose parcel Ms. Hickman had received, she brought it over to her house which was only a few streets away from her home.

Despite AusPost having confirmed Ms. Hickman’s parcel had been mixed up with the other woman’s package, she refused to hand it over.

While the grandmother tried to retrieve the parcel from the woman “multiple times”, as well as several attempts from Australia Post, neither parties had any luck.

It doesn’t end there though. Despite Ms. Hickman’s parcel containing $650 worth of vitamins and supplements, Australia Post only offered her $50 in compensation for their mix up.

Hence, instead of sending her grandkids’ Christmas goodies via the postal service she’s chosen to take matters into her hands and will drive from Queensland to Victoria to personally deliver their prezzies.

While it’ll be a long journey, at least she’ll get to see her grandchildren during the festive season.

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