Aussie bridesmaid brutally ditches best friend’s wedding live on air for Taylor Swift gig

'I know I sound like such a bad friend.'

A bridesmaid has broken down in tears live on air on Australian radio after ditching her best friend’s wedding three weeks before the big day for a Taylor Swift concert.

Bridesmaid Olivia enlisted the help of on The Fox’s Fifi, Fev & Nick show to let her friend Jessie know that instead of being by her side as she marries the love of her life on February 17th, she’ll be singing her heart out at the MCG at the Taylor Swift gig.

Fifi Box looking shocked
Fifi Box was left flabbergasted after a bridesmaid ditched her best friend's wedding for a Taylor Swift concert. Photo: Fifi, Fev and Nick show

The phone conversation got off to an awkward start, with Olivia telling bride Jessie: “Obviously, like, the whole Taylor thing… we’ve been talking about it, and you’ve been saying how annoying it is that people are backing out. But, obviously, I haven’t told you that I got tickets for the Saturday… and this was done before Christmas.”

Olivia went on to say that she was ‘thinking of trying to compromise and making it work’ by attending the wedding during the day and then driving from the Yarra Valley back to the MCG in Melbourne that evening so she could watch her favourite performer on stage.


This didn’t go down too well with Jessie, who was horrified at her bridesmaid for not telling her sooner that she had other plans on the day of her wedding.

“Is this, is this a prank? Are you joking? Liv, are you joking?” Jessie said.

Taylor Swift in a gold dress
Taylor Swift is coming to Australia in February. Photo: Getty Images

'I sound like such a bad friend'

Not backing down, Olivia told Jessie that she’s ‘loved Taylor for so long’, telling Jessie that she knew how hard it was to get tickets.

“But you’ve known this since before December and it’s three weeks until my wedding, and you’re telling me now!?” Jessie responded.

“So, you want to miss a part of my wedding to go to a Taylor Swift concert? You know how much this has been annoying me that people have been dropping out to go to her and you’ve known all along that you’re going to go to her concert.”

It seemed the severity of the situation seemed to hit Olivia as she stuttered before saying: “I know I sound like such a bad friend.”

The bridesmaid then started crying, telling host Fifi Box: “She’s so angry at me. I feel awful, I’ve been meaning to tell you, Jessie, I know, but I’ve just like, I’ve been so anxious about it and I know how much this wedding means to you, and I’ve been there every step of the way and when we were trying on the bridesmaids' dresses I was going to tell you but you just paid and I got nervous.”

Bride Jessie was still in shock, responding: “I don’t even understand though, like, you went and bought tickets ON MY WEDDING DATE! I’m not trying to be mean right now, I’m just angry before I get upset. I’m so stressed, it’s three weeks out. I want you there next to me on my day and you’re not going to be there.”

Olivia went on to say that she was sure the ticket was for the Sunday gig and that it’s a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity for her to see her idol.

The hosts ended the segment by saying that they might try and get a helicopter to take Olivia from her best friend’s wedding to the Taylor Swift concert and back again.

“A lot of friendships end over wedding and I hate to see this happen to you girls,” Fifi Box said

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