'Nudist wedding?': $90 See-through bridal jumpsuit panned by shoppers

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A racy bridal jumpsuit that leaves a fair amount of the wearer’s flesh on display - largely thanks to its ‘sheer lace panels’ and plunging back - is being panned by shoppers online.

Described as being made of “fine mesh and lace for those see-through vibes,” the ASOS DESIGN premium mesh jumpsuit with embroidery costs $90 and comes in sizes 4 through 18.

Now, it’s been shared on the That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming page on Facebook, only for users to tear it apart.

'For the bedroom only’: Shoppers have panned this bridal jumpsuit. Photo: ASOS.

Worst wedding outfit?

“I was browsing the ASOS bridal collection and this came up...” wrote the person who posted some screenshots they took of a model sporting the jumpsuit on the online retailer’s site.

“When would you wear this??! It’s not really walk down the aisle material,” they added.

The comments section has since been flooded with criticism for the risqué garment, with one user suggesting that it might be perfect for a “nudist wedding”.

“Well, I was already having my wedding at a strip club so... it's perfect!” another joked.

Others were slightly less harsh, saying it might suit a beach or Burning Man-themed nuptials.

While another user had an entirely different use for the controversial outfit.

”Drench it in fake blood and get a dead bouquet - bam, Halloween,” they wrote.

Wedding shamers blast ASOS’ see-through bridal jumpsuit joking it’s ‘for the bedroom only’. Photo: Facebook/groups/thatsitimweddingshaming.

Not suitable for the aisle

One user could see a certain reality TV star rocking the jumpsuit down the aisle.

“Kylie Jenner's future wedding dress,” they said.

“I have one of these for my trips to the supermarket. Sorry, it's actually a string bag,” another joked.

Others were horrified at the thought of their friends and family seeing them so scantily clad on their big day.

“My dad is not walking me anywhere in that,” wrote one user.

Barely-there bride: ASOS's see-through jumpsuit has been panned. Photo: ASOS.

‘Bedroom material’

Another pointed out that the see-through creation was “obviously for after the wedding.”

“It’s ‘walk into the bedroom’ material,” added another.

“Save money. Wedding dress and wedding night lingerie all in one!” wrote one.

However, another user jumped in to say that, despite the product description stating, “A little something for your lingerie drawer,” it’s not actually categorised as ‘lingerie’.

“Just to be clear for everyone, this wasn't in the lingerie section,” they pointed out. Indeed, on ASOS’s Australian site at least, the piece is listed in the jumpsuit section.

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