ASOS featured a model's back rolls and won the internet

ASOS has been on quite the body positive journey of late.

Earlier this year the Internet applauded the fashion brand for featuring a plus size model absolutely rocking a yellow-pop bikini and last summer ASOS also won praise for refusing to photoshop the stretch marks on women modeling their swimwear.

They’ve also recently unveiled plans to make their website more inclusive by having models of different sizes photographed in the same dress.

Now the online retailer is once again flying the flag for fashion diversity by happily showcasing various different body types in their promotional images.

Earlier this week social media rejoiced at the sight of the model ASOS picked to show off a Missguided maxi dress with an open back.

Twitter is loving this ASOS image of a model with back rolls [Photo: ASOS]
Twitter is loving this ASOS image of a model with back rolls [Photo: ASOS]

The reason for everyone’s praise wasn’t so much that the model was plus size, more that the dress not only revealed her tattoo but her perfectly ordinary back rolls.

Sure, a photo of a woman with back rolls shouldn’t be a big deal, but in an industry which often portrays taut, toned bodies, it makes for a refreshing change.

The praise party started when plus size model, writer and influencer, Callie Thorpe, stepped forward to applaud ASOS for promoting body diversity.

“Look at this gorgeous model and her cute back rolls just out here to show women that their bodies are normal and that real life isn’t photoshopped and filtered,” she wrote on Twitter.

Her tweet quickly garnered attention from her followers, clocking up more than 407 retweets and more than 2,500 likes.

“After decades of seeing clothes modeled on bodies that don’t reflect the reality for most women, retailers like @ASOS @Missguided and @riverisland are seemingly – and gradually – realising that customers like to see themselves represented by brands,” another fan of the image tweeted.

“Every time I see a roll on a model it’s like YAS QUEEN YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE AND I WORSHIP YOU which is a fairly normal response I feel,” yet another fan of the shot added.

Some of those praising the images explained how seeing more diverse body shapes in the clothes would see them more likely to actually make a purchase.

“I love seeing chubby models. I want to see more bodytypes to show how the clothes look on non traditional hourglass shapes. I wanna see back rolls and bat wings. I wanna see apple shapes. I love it!” one fan wrote.

Keep up the good work, ASOS.

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