ASOS praised for earrings ad featuring model with cochlear implant

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Shoppers are applauding fashion retailer ASOS for featuring a model with a cochlear implant in one of their product images.

The model, Natasha Ghouri, is wearing a delicate pair of hoop earrings with a mushroom charm, and in one of the photos you can see her cochlear implant.

Taking to Instagram following a massive outpouring of love for the photo, Natasha said, “MY HEART IS FULL RIGHT NOW!”

“It may just be an ear but it means so much more - like what @rnid_uk (a charity for deaf people and those with hearing loss) said representation matters, and I’m bloody proud to represent my community.

“Biggest love to @asos for welcoming me in and breaking boundaries as this will really help and inspire people out there.”

Woman with a hearing aid ad on ASOS
ASOS is getting lots of praise for this photo of a model with a cochlear implant wearing their $10 mushroom charm earrings. Photo: ASOS

London-based Natasha, who also models clothing for ASOS, has been heaped with praise along with the brand, with one person even saying, "Your ears have started a revolution!"

“Yesterday a post went viral about @ASOS who modelled some earnings but with a #cochlearimplant on the ear! This is A MASSIVE step forwards!” Twitter user and deaf advocate @DeafChefSam, tweeted.

“Deaf/HOH people can do the job too! Thank you so much @ASOS and @GhouriNatasha for making the deaf community included!”

instagram photo of Natasha Ghouri who modelled for ASOS with her cochlear implant
London-based model Natasha Ghouri said she was proud to be representing her comunnity. Photo: Instagram/tashaghouri

Another member of the deaf community, Twitter user @asiasmith_16, said, “Definitely not crying because of @ASOS using an earring model with a hearing aid.”


“It's the first time I've ever seen a model with a hearing impairment, let alone an earring model and it’s so refreshing to see this kind of representation for people like me.”

The earrings that Natasha is modelling are these $10 ones with mushroom charms.

Photo of twitter comments about representation
Lots of members of the deaf and hard of hearing community took to social media to express their joy at seeing themselves represented. Photo: Twitter
Photo of twitter comments about representation
Lots of people were moved by the image. Photo: Twitter

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