Aries: Today's horoscope

Picture: Getty

December 10, 2018

Today the Moon moves through the somewhat wacky sign of Aquarius. Here’s what that does in your horoscope (as we all have Aquarius where in our chart, we have all 12 signs – it’s just how astrology and moonology work!)

Work, work, work! And, oh, a bit more work thanks. If you’ve been putting in long, long hours professionally – or at least investing a lot of emotional energy into either your job or looking after someone else, now comes the break you so well deserve. As the Moon moves through your 11th House of Friends over the next two or so days, you can expect to be feeling a lot less concerned about your brilliant career and a lot more in the mood to party. Go for it. Wear yourself out, even. Do note that you will be extra sensitive to the moods of people around you, though, and try to spend time with folk who feel good to be around.

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