Aries Daily Horoscope – 02 September 2023

Today I wanted to do something different – I chose a card for each star sign from my new Moonology Messages oracle card deck which hasn’t been released yet but is already a best-seller! Find out how to get the cards and some great bonuses here!

Before you read futher, take a breath and bring your most pressing issue to mind, or set what question pops us, or just ask the Universe for life guidance… and now read on …

Your card is… ENCHANTED

There is something magical and enchanted about moonlight; whatever it touches turns a beautiful, creamy silver. Something is doing this in your life now – or is about to. Life is all about cycles, as is astrology and Moonology. Right now, you’re about to move into a more enchanted time or cycle in your life – if you believe. Whatever you’re wishing for can come true because you’re starting to believe again, perhaps after a rough time. This card reminds you to focus on the good while you process the difficult. If you can’t yet feel the magic in your life, take support from a daily practice of just breathing out, with the intention of breathing out stress through cleansing breaths. It might be dark now but there is moonlight at the end of the tunnel, so keep the faith and see the world through kind eyes. If you affirm that something is ‘too good to be true,’ you might make it so: instead, believe that life can be magical for you – and it can be.

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