So, This Is Apparently What Kim Kardashian Thinks About Taylor Swift’s “thanK you aIMee”

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This Is What Kim Thinks About Tay's Song 👀Getty Images

In the event you've been living under a literal rock, fans think Taylor Swift's track "thanK you aIMee" is about none other than Kim Kardashian (I mean...pls note the ALL- CAPS!!!).

After all, this was the general vibe once the Tortured Poets Department track dropped:

Now, all of this ^^ obviously got everyone (read: EVERYONE) reinvested in the feud between the celebs, which goes way back to 2016.

But despite the song quite literally breaking the internet/our ears due to how catchy it is, it seems as though the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is remaining tight-lipped about the entire sitch, meaning the only intel we're getting is c/o anonymous insiders. Case in point? One source recently dished to People that the reality television star is, "over it and thinks Taylor should move on." Kim apparently "doesn’t get why [Taylor] keeps harping on it. It’s been literally years," they added.

A separate insider, meanwhile, dished the following to Entertainment Tonight: "Kim has moved on from the Taylor feud and doesn't care about her song 'thanK you aIMee.' She has put it in the past, especially since their drama happened so long ago. Kim respects Taylor as an artist but doesn't have a strong desire to settle their differences right now."

Finally, a third person reportedly told Us Weekly, "Kim isn’t happy about it but doesn’t want to add fuel to the fire" and noted that the Skims founder is "upset that Taylor is still harboring negative feelings toward her...She thought that their issues were in the past." They also offered up the musing that she "had no idea she was going to be a part of this narrative."

Again, Kim herself has kept relatively mum about the ordeal, only assuring that "Life is good" during an April 22 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

That! Said!!! Only a day later, the reality TV star took to her Instagram Stories to post an old selfie that included Tay's alleged former bestie Karlie Kloss while wishing her pal Derek Blasberg a happy birthday—a move that caused a buncha people to spiral further given the history between the singer and model.

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Kim Kardashian - Instagram

Whelp. This has been an update! To get a refresher on Tay + Karlie's 'ship, head right on over this way:

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Does the Tom Hiddleston era really count at this point??? Help.

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Alexa, play “...Ready for It?”

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Correction: screaming!

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