Anonymous Content Signs ‘Hell House LLC’ Filmmaker Stephen Cognetti

Stephen Cognetti, the writer-director behind the cult classic horror movie franchise Hell House LLC, has signed with Anonymous Content for representation.

Cognetti’s fourth installment, The Carmichael Manor, along with his previous entries in the franchise, are amongst the top streamed films of all time on Shudder.

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The franchise kicked off with 2015’s Hell House LLC, which quickly gained a following as one of the best of the found-footage space. The film follows a documentary crew investigating a haunted house attraction called “Abaddon Hotel,” where a tragedy occurred during its opening night.

The popularity of the original film paved the way for the expansion of the franchise with the sequels The Abaddon Hotel and Lake of Fire. With the support of Terror Films and Shudder, the latest installment Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor was released on Halloween 2023 exclusively on Shudder after debuting at the Telluride Horror Show. Rather than continuing the same storyline as the first three films, Carmichael Manor departed from form with a minimalist docu-style story.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Cognetti studied film at Temple University in Philadelphia. Going forward, he aspires to continue telling stories in the Hell House LLC world while generating new concepts outside the found-footage space.

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