Anna Delvey use the courtroom as advertising for fashion brand

Anna Delvey advertises her fashion brand during court hearing  (Getty Images)
Anna Delvey advertises her fashion brand during court hearing (Getty Images)

Anna Delvey turned the courtroom into her own personal runway show.

Last year, the 33-year-old convicted con artist, whose legal name is Anna Sorokin, partnered with business tycoon Kelly Cutrone to launch a fashion-focused public relations company, the OutLaw Agency.

On 16 May, the power duo planned to stage a presentation during an upcoming immigration hearing, according to reports by Page Six. OutLaw told Page Six that they wanted to put on the first “court-appearance-as-fashion-presentation”.

Taking advantage of the press inside the New York courtroom, Outlaw put on a press preview for SHAO New York, a client under the agency, by dressing Delvey in a suit by the brand. The self-proclaimed “heiress” donned an oversized black blazer, matching pencil skirt with a high slit, long-sleeve collared shirt with a long black scarf tie, open-toe pumps, and a baguette shoulder bag. Of course, her ankle monitor was on and planned for ahead of time, as seen in sketches obtained by Page Six.

The inspiration for the ensemble stemmed from wanting to make a statement on the general expectation “that defendants should wear demure outfits in front of judges,” according to the outlet.

In their statement to Page Six, Cutrone questioned: “Why are we as women being asked to dress a certain way when we enter a courtroom, or a boardroom, or a dinner party? Why are others trying to control our level of innocence based on what we wear?”

“This is discrimination in its most subtle and intriguing form and we’re here to change it up. We have respect for the legal system and they should have respect for the fashion system,” she continued.

SHAO New York is helmed by Shao Yang. The first fashion show OutLaw organised for them was during fashion week on the roof of Delvey’s apartment in the East Village. An internet frenzy transpired promptly after the 2023 runway show. Some praised Delvey for the business move, while others admitted they were unimpressed.

“Really admirable,” a fan wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. Another bluntly asked: “Insane. When is she getting deported? Why is anyone working with her?”

The Thursday hearing was a “status conference” on the Board of Immigration Appeal’s decision last month to release Delvey from her conditions, including house arrest and a ban on her social media, per an email from her attorney, John Sandweg, to Fox Business.

In February of 2021, Delvey was released from prison after being convicted of larceny in the second degree, attempted grand larceny, and services theft. Originally, she was sentenced to four to 12 years but only served two years. Following her release, Delvey was returned to the custody of ICE and has been trying to fight to stay in the US since.