Anitta plays Harley Quinn dress up in a bondage bra and fishnets

anitta performs at the 2024 latin american music awards show
Anitta's bondage bra & fishnets give Harley QuinnEthan Miller - Getty Images

Since Beyoncé released her new album 'Cowboy Carter', her debut into the country music scene, she's started repping Westerncore on the daily. Styling lace catsuits with cowboy boots and even dyeing her hair colour to cowboy copper. This practice of launching a new style aesthetic alongside new music is something Taylor Swift has been doing for years, illustrated perfectly by each of her so-called different eras. It's even transcended to the red carpet, with the likes of Zendaya and Margot Robbie method dressing as the characters they've portrayed on screen.

And now, Annita is the latest to implement the thematic strategy following her latest album, Funk Generation. The Brazilian artist has started channelling a new punk aesthetic, donning bondage bras and fishnets for a look that gives major Harley Quinn vibes. Especially in her latest post, with Anitta toting a baseball bat studded with nails, natch.

Breaking down the 'fit, Anitta wears a multi-strap black leather bra featuring a thick belt wrapping around her ribcage. A drawing of a dead teddy bear's face missing one eye and with a halo is attached to one cup. She's paired the lingerie with the teeny tiniest red hotpants and a second black belt slung low around her hips, embellished with multiple chains. Fishnet tights and over-the-knee black boots complete her attire, and she's accessorised with black-out sunglasses and stacks of silver chain necklaces and bracelets.

It's admittedly not a huge departure from her usual thong-flashing cut-out stage 'fits, though the punk vibe lacks the feminine details and sparkles she reps on the red carpet too, be it in fringe naked dresses, corseted minis, or beaded bras under see-through designs. But, guessing by the fact Diplo left three fire emojis beneath Anitta's post, we're guessing he's a fan of her new look.

We can't wait to see what she wears next and how long this era will continue.

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