Anaesthetists reveal the wildest things people say on laughing gas

Alicia Vrajlal
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Some anaesthetists have shared the wild things people say when on laughing gas - pictured is a hospital scene from TV show, Parks and Recreation. Photo: NBC

Laughing gas can be a wonderful thing – it not only helps ease the pain but apparently makes a visit to the surgery a bit more amusing.

Well, that’s at least according to some anaesthetists who’ve now revealed the wildest things people have said after they’ve been given nitrous oxide.

The entertaining quips have been listed in a viral Reddit thread, and from topics such as goldfish to going to hell, the conversations that have come from laughing gas are brilliant.

One surgeon opened up about a late night incident that became very dramatic after the patient had been given some laughing gas.

“I get a call from recovery nurse, 10pm. Nurse yelling for help, won’t tell me what’s wrong, just that I need to be bedside immediately. I sprint to recovery thinking the patient is bleeding, heart stopped, blood pressure tanking, etc,” explained the doctor.

The conversations that have come from laughing gas are brilliant. Photo: Getty

“No. Patient standing on the bed/stretcher SCREAMING tongues, thrashing her arms around like a blow up car-lot-noodle-man.

“Anaesthesiologist is trying to grab her swinging IV line. I’m trying to talk her down but she’s gone full Godzilla vs. tiny townspeople. I grab her legs and lower her down anesthesia gives her some IV CalmTheF**kDownitol. She gets starry eyed and we breath, life is good again.”

But later that night, the patient was very adamant on getting a cigarette break, and told the nurse exactly where to stick it when her demand wasn’t met at 1:45am.

“Phone rings, nurse says, The lap chole patient is asking if she can go outside to smoke a cigarette’,” explained the surgeon.

The nurse then told the doctor that the patient “told me to go f**k my goldfish”.

Meanwhile a nurse anaesthetist revealed she was preparing a woman to go through to surgery and asked her to take some ‘nice big breaths’.

“Right before she went out she said ‘thanks, I just had them done’. I looked at my preceptor, we looked at the circulator, and we all burst out laughing. I now say ‘slow deep breaths’ instead. I love telling that story, that lady made all our days.”

Another anaesthetist said they “hear pretty funny things daily, but one sticks out”.

“After a routine surgery we are wheeling the patient out of the room and the stretcher gets caught on a wire (a common occurrence),” the explain.

“Well I look under and ask the nurse ‘what are we on?’ and the patient replies super loudly, ‘I DUNNO BUT ITS F**KING AWESOME’. Made me chuckle.”

On that note, how about this comment that was submitted to the thread:

“My wife is an anaesthesiologist and her best line from a patient is ‘this is better than meth’.”

Another person also spoke about their spouse’s experience, saying, “My wife is an anaesthesiologist.. when she was in fellowship she had a patient say they saw dicks dripping off the ceiling”.

It’s interesting how enlightening as entertaining these threads can be, with comments also flowing in about the affect laughing gas has on redheads in particular.

“Are you ginger?” wrote one Reddit user.

“Redheads are somewhat anesthesic-resistant, and it's interesting. I'm ginger enough, apparently, and woke up mid-wisdom tooth extraction. I announced ‘I'm cold’ and freaked out the docs and nurses.

“They cranked my anesthesia and gave me a blanket and I went back under. I probably need to warn future docs that it takes more than average to put me under.”

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