Amy Poehler Doomed Her One Chance With Prince With The Dorkiest Question

Amy Poehler told Jimmy Kimmel this week that she totally botched her one encounter with music legend Prince ― and we gotta agree. (Watch the video below.)

Prince had appeared on “Saturday Night Live” when Poehler was in the cast but apparently not immune to awkwardness around celebrities.

“Was he friendly?” Kimmel asked on Wednesday’s episode of his talk show.

“Well, I’ll never know because I really blew my chance,” she recalled. “He came offstage during the soundcheck and walked past me, and ... he just kind of gave me a little eye contact and said hello. And I said, ‘How was your summer?’

“That was my question to Prince,” the “Inside Out 2” star added, still in apparent disbelief that this was the best she could do.

It did not end well for the comedian.

“He just floated away into the elevator in a lavender haze of talent,” she said. “He was like, ‘We’re not of the same species, you and I.’”

Perhaps if the “SNL” episode were in September or October, Poehler’s summer small talk with the “Purple Rain” icon could have passed muster.

But according to online records, the only time Prince sang on the show during Poehler’s 2001-2008 stint in the cast was on Feb. 4, 2006. That’s about five months after Labor Day.

Fast-forward to 2:45 to hear Poehler’s relatable tale:

Poehler has copped to her clumsy exchange before, but it’s all in the way she tells it.