American woman savages Australian Target: 'I couldn’t believe it'

The tourist was left in hysterics when she stepped into Australian Target for the first time.

In a viral TikTok, an American woman has expressed her shock at the stark differences between Target stores in the US and Australia.

During a visit to Melbourne, US native Reanna Kay ventured into an Aussie Target and was expecting a shopping experience reminiscent of what she was accustomed to back home. Instead, she was left in stitches as she explored the store, calling it "like Walmart but worse" and deeming it "ugly" and "so bad."

American woman laughing at Australian Target
The American woman's hilarious reaction to Australian Target has gone viral. Photo: TikTok/@raeannakay

RaeAnna's TikTok, viewed over 5 million times, captured her journey through the aisles of an Australian Target for the first time. Her genuine reaction has sparked a widespread conversation about the notable differences between the two Target experiences.


While US Target stores are known for their extensive offerings, boasting large supermarkets, diverse brands like Olay and Levi's, and additional services like Starbucks, optometrists and even in-store facials, Australian Targets, owned by Wesfarmers, seem to fall short by comparison.

American woman can't believe difference in Australian and American Starbucks
Aussie TikToker @jasminetxo has previously shared her experience in an American Target, noting the presence of a pharmacy, supermarket, and Starbucks. Photo: TikTok/@jasminetxo

In the caption accompanying her hilarious video inside an Aussie Target store, RaeAnna wrote, "Dear Australia... Our Target and your Target are not the same. We are not obsessed with your Target. We are obsessed with ours. I promise if you visit, 1. It will be fun. 2. You will be shocked. 3. Target is a magical place."

The clip triggered a wave of agreement from viewers who share RaeAnna's sentiments, "Australian Target is soooo sad," one American agreed, "They literally have nothing. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it for the first time."

Another American added, "Wow, Australian Target is severely lacking."

Aussies themselves also chimed in, sharing their experiences and opinions on their local Target's shortcomings compared to its American counterpart.

"Tbh, American Target is actually elite," one Australian remarked, "they're so big compared to ours."

Another shopper Down Under chimed in, "As an Australian: correct. Our Target is just sad. American Target is a wonderland."

When ReAnna was taken to an Australia Kmart, she said,
When ReAnna was taken to an Australia Kmart, she said, "I was dancing." Photo: TikTok/@raeannakay

The video went on to spark further social media discussion, with one American in Australia drawing parallels, stating, "Australian Target is like American Kmart, and Australian Kmart is like American Target."

Indeed in a follow-up video posted to TikTok responding to this suggestion, ReAnna was taken to an Australian Kmart, where she wrote by comparison she "was dancing".

While some social media users expressed approval, with one American stating: "OK, this is way better," others dismissed this comparison too.

"US Targets have so much more than just a Kmart," one remarked. "You can get your ears pierced and get a facial at my local Target," another shared.

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