The bed sheet hack people are raving about: 'Takes 15 seconds'

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A split screen with a woman's hand on the left holding a white paddle Bed Tucker above her cream bed and her demonstrating how to push the sheet into the bedframe on the right.
Amazon's Bed Tucker tool has generated over 630,000 comments on Tik Tok with many loving the time and effort it saves. Source: Tik Tok/rachel_meaders

We all love a Home hack, anything to make our domestic lives easier. And when it comes to making the bed every morning, you're either someone who loves it or finds the chore time-consuming, laborious and frankly, unnecessary.

If you find yourself relating to the latter, then we have the ultimate hack for you.

Currently going viral on TikTok is Amazon's Bed Sheet Tucker with 6.5 million views and over 630,000 comments.


Posting her video on TikTok, Rachel Meaders demonstrates to her followers how she gets *those* hospital corners without the effort.

"I'm not kidding. We never make our bed without our Tucker tool," she explains.

"It saves my nails when tucking in the fitted and flat sheet under the mattress and into the bedframe.

"It takes maybe 15 seconds to do the entire bed."

Amazon tucker being used on TikTok
A tool to get your bed sheets looking like a hotel has gone viral. Photo: TikTok/Rachel Meaders
Tucker Amazon tool used on bed sheets
Fans of the product say it takes 15 seconds to make a bed look like it was professionally made. Photo: TikTok/Rachel Meaders

Shaped like a large paddle with a knife handle, The Tucker is designed to effortlessly push the sheets into the bed frame without having to lift the mattress.

TikTok followers have loved the video, with the woman receiving two million new followers and over 630,000 likes and 1,300 comments.

Amazon's Bed Sheet Tucker
Amazon's Bed Sheet Tucker costs $66.57. Photo: Amazon

"The Tucker is a must-have for me," one enthusiastic user wrote.

"The sheet tucker is awesome!!!!!" another said.

And one person loved it so much that they tagged their partner saying, "Omg, no way! Need it!".

The Tucker is made from sturdy, non-porous ABS plastic and can be used with left or right-handed people, making it a versatile tool for everyone in the family to use.

Save over $5 when you buy the twin-pack with two white bed tuckers on Amazon or $66 for one.

The Bed Tucker has over 800 highly reviewed ratings on Amazon with hundreds of people recommending the tool as a time-saver as well as reducing the strain on their backs.

"I am so pleasantly surprised," an Amazon customer wrote. "I was somewhat wary that anything could do this job. It does!!!

"So simple, save my hands now."

The Tik Tok star, Rachel Meaders is familiar with Amazon's wide range of gadgets, regularly highlighting her latest 'finds' on her profile like her viral video of the 'Things You Didn't Know You Needed on Amazon' with over 27 million views.

Over 100,000 people have liked the video of Meaders showing her followers some of Amazon's most crafty appliances like the fruit soft serve machine.

"This is actually crazy," she says. "A fruit soft-serve ice-cream maker that can turn any frozen fruit into soft-serve ice-cream in just a few seconds.

"As you see here, I place them in the shoot and press down with the plunger does not take much effort at all. It basically comes out on its own," she demonstrates.

Users rushed to the video purchasing the kitchen product and publishing their rave reviews.

"Have one and it’s amazing!!" a person wrote.

"I love it, it works so well and it’s really easy to clean up," another said.

An avid follower and fellow Amazon-enthusiast thanked the Tik Tok user for her viral recommendations, saying, "There are a few things I’m getting my wife for Christmas from your page. Thank you!"

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