Amanda Seyfried's new silver hair is a work of art

amanda seyfried silver hair met gala 2024
PSA: Amanda Seyfried now has silver hairGerald Matzka - Getty Images

Blonde, red, noir; we've seen a lot of celebs switch up their hair colour as of late, but it seems grey is becoming a top contender for the newest 'It' shade. Not only did we see Kaia Gerber debut a 60s-esque bouffant hairstyle featuring said colour but it seems Amanda Seyfried is also another celeb proving that grey is in.

The actress debuted the new molten silver hair shade on the Met Gala 2024 red carpet and we can't get enough of this metal hue. It's giving tin man, but make it fashion.

amanda seyfried silver hair met gala
WWD - Getty Images

Not only did she sport this new hair colour, but it was also paired with a pixie-esque crop and 1920s-style waves. *Chef's kiss*.

Matching your dress to your hair colour? Now this is a trend we can get on board with. This hair look is worthy of the crown.

Celeb hairstylist Renato Campora created this hair masterpiece, and it's literally a work of art. So much so, we're thinking this is a spray paint situation – not even the best colourists could get hair to be that shiny.

Paint or no paint, Amanda looks like a fairy princess with this latest look. As someone who's been known for her iconic blonde colour, we had to do a double-take with this one. I mean, it's not every day you see a celeb rocking metallic silver hair.

We're adding this to our list of Met Gala beauty transformations we didn't see coming (Zendaya and Ashley Graham, you're in good company).

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