Altoids Fans Lose It Over Return of Flavors Discontinued in 2010: 'Nostalgia Is Flooding Back'

Altoids tins

A tasty treat that Altoids fans assumed was long gone is about to make a triumphant return.

As many fans who celebrated the news on social media noted, these particular candies were well-loved by kids in the early 2000s who made carrying the Altoids tins in their backpacks a habit.

Although they haven’t been available for customers in about 14 years, a food blogger known online as snackbetch recently said that is about to change. Altoids' parent company, Mars, has not yet announced a release date.

The candies in question are Altoids Sours, a fan-loved treat that once came in five fruity flavors. In a Friday, May 24 Instagram post, snackbetch explained that the candies will go by a new name, Retro Sours, but made using the original recipes. Though the tangerine flavor is the only one so far confirmed to be on its way back to grocery store shelves, the food blogger reported that others are likely to follow.

The original Altoids Sours were first made available to customers in 2004, according to Bustle. The sour candies were sold in apple, lime, mango, raspberry and tangerine flavors and became popular for a few years before they were discontinued in 2010.

A customer service representative with Mars told the magazine in an article published several years ago that Altoids Sours were taken off the market “due to low national demand.”

The news that the sours will once again be available for purchase thrilled dozens of people who commented on snackbetch’s Instagram post.

“So glad these are back 👏👏,” one fan applauded.

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“Was just thinking and craving these the other day. 🙌🙌🙌,” another person shared.

“I used to love these, this makes me happy,” one person wrote.

Several people noted which flavors were their favorites and said the news of the sour candies’ return was making them feel nostalgic for their childhood.

“I used to be obsessed with these things! The nostalgia is flooding back ❤️,” one person commented as another said they were “going to relive my child hood again” once the Retro Sours become available.

“Omg yes and instantly heard the sound of the can banging around in your backpack whenever you had to run 😂😂,” another person remembered.

“Omg I’m gonna stock up on the raspberry sours,” one fan said.

Several Instagram users also called for the mango flavor’s fast return, with one person declaring, “Mango sour was 🔥🔥🔥.”

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