Allison Langdon on the truth behind Tracy Grimshaw's 'snub': 'Really didn’t like it'

In a now famous video, Tracy Grimshaw brushed Allison Langdon in the hallways of Channel Nine.

Allison Langdon has opened up about that now famous 'brush' by Tracy Grimshaw, in an awkward moment between the pair after the veteran host's farewell to A Current Affair.

Tracy announced last year that she would be stepping down from her hosting duties after 17 years, with Today host Allison Langdon filling her shoes.

Following Tracey's final show, the star was serenaded with applause by her Channel 9 colleagues as she walked through the studio.

However, one moment in particular stood out for everyone, with Tracy appearing to snub new host Allison Langdon's

Tracy Grimshaw and Allison Langdon
Tracy Grimshaw 'snubbed' Allison Langdon in the corridors of Channel Nine. Source: Twitter

She high-fived some as she walked through the guard of honour, and stopped to hug news presenter Peter Overton. However, when Allison leaned in to hug Tracy, she appeared to take a step back and shake her head before moving on to embrace Today co-host Karl Stefanovic.

Now, Allison Langdon has spoken out about the moment on the Something To Talk About podcast, saying the way their relationship was portrayed at the time was 'hurtful'.

"I also understand that you look at it and it’s a great narrative of women hating women. But I’m sorry, it’s not the truth. I’ve got to say, [subsequent reporting of the incident] was hurtful in the sense that I’ve worked so hard and for something that’s so important to me – female relationships in this business – for that to be taken that way, I really didn’t like it," she said.

She also revealed Tracy's choice to hug Karl instead of her was a bit of a sticking point.

“And it was Karl that she hugged. If it had been anyone else, it would have been fine. I actually turned to Karl and went, ‘Trace just brushed me.’ And he went, ‘No way.’ Then he saw it the next morning and he goes, ‘She didn’t just brush you; you had your arms open, like pleading for a hug, and she ignored you'," she said.

"And Trace sent me a great message very early that morning – which is good of her, because I know she was singing karaoke at [her farewell party at Sydney bar] The Pickled Possum until about two in the morning. So well done her for being up at 6am.

"I think the problem was that she knew I was the new host – it hadn’t yet been announced – so she and I had been talking a lot. And I think in that moment, she’s overwhelmed because, if you know Trace, [you know] she hates a fuss. So we’re all standing and cheering her, and it wasn’t her favourite place to be. And it was like, ‘Gee, hang on, if I give Ally a hug and that gets snapped, then [people might know she’s the new host].’

Today hosts address brutal moment

Allison and Karl joked about the moment on Today the next day, laughing it off for the viewers.

"She completely and utterly blanked Ally," Karl said as they played footage of the moment.

Today then replayed the clip from another angle before Allison says, "That's the moment my heart breaks".

"You straight away turned to me and said, 'I don't think Tracy knows who I am', you were worried about it," Karl said to Allison.

"I turned to you at the time and said, 'Tracy Grimshaw just brushed me', when you get brushed by your hero it hurts, this is a tough moment," Allison responded.

Karl then told viewers Tracy released a statement following the supposed snub.

"Ally, I just watched the guard of honour from last night and I saw you went in to give me a hug and I hugged bloody Karl," she said in her statement.

"I'm sorry I missed you, was so overwhelmed, and obviously didn't see your petite head once his big boofhead loomed into vision. Big sorry."

Tracy Grimshaw thanked viewers in her final sign-off. Source: Channel 9
Tracy Grimshaw thanked viewers in her final sign-off. Source: Channel 9

Tracy Grimshaw's final ACA farewell

In her final sign-off, Tracy thanked all those who had supported her over the years and praised her "incredible team".

"They've made 17 years feel like no time at all," she said.

"It's such a good place to work. It's the kind of office where people walk around beaming when we've rebuilt someone's house or helped jail a monster who molested them or helped save their business or force a bank or a telco to scrap that bill that was the company's mistake in the first place."

Tracy added when she started working at the program the interviews could not be more than four minutes long and now they could sometimes run for the whole show.

"Thank you for watching them. You have let me indulge my own love of a chat, and if you hadn't watched I wouldn't have been able to do that," she said. "Without you, there would be no us."

Tracy ended by saying her replacement would be announced soon and encouraged viewers to make them feel welcome.

With additional reporting by Olivia Lambert

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