Age-defying mum, 46, shocks fans with youthful looks

A 46-year-old mum has revealed her secrets to her youthful appearance, with her followers saying she is “ageing backwards”.

Alicia Schoroth, from Canada, says she was always overweight as a child and struggled with eating disorders throughout her teens. But after her father tragically died due to complications with diabetes, it was the wakeup call she needed to take her health seriously.

mum Alicia Schoroth
Alicia Schoroth has revealed her secrets to her youthful appearance. Photo: Jam Press/Australscope

Alicia signed up for a gym and started to develop a passion for health and exercise well into her 30s and at 42 signed up for her first fitness competition.

“I realised that I had to focus on my health and fitness. I was overweight as a child and battled an eating disorder in my teens,” the mum, who has over 24,000 followers on Instagram (@herpowerlifestyle), told Jam Press.

“I completely re-set my metabolism with my fitness and nutrition. I am so proud that today, at 46, I feel and look my best.

“I'm strong and have so much energy. I also feel my healthy lifestyle has put the brakes on ageing. I'm so proud that I can be a positive example to women over 40 to show that age is irrelevant and anything is possible.”

Alicia trains five times a week, lifting heavy weights, and also incorporates high intensity training and cardio in her workout regime.

She has even earned four pro cards in the international fitness organisation UFE, beating women half her age.

“I lift and don't overdo it with cardio. Instead of a harsh session on a treadmill or other piece of equipment, a short session of HIIT or even a brisk walk for 40 minutes is far more beneficial in terms of stress on our bodies,” she said.

“I love HIIT. It can be done anywhere, it can be customised to a person's level and it helps the body produce human growth hormone, which decreases as we age. All you need is 20 minutes, four days a week.”

Alicia Schoroth transformation
Alicia at 31 versus 47. Photo: Jam Press/Australscope

Her Instagram followers are stunned by her age-defying looks with plenty leaving comments like "Wonder Woman".

“Aging backwards!,” one person commented on a photo that compares Alicia at 31 versus 47.

“Powerful post! You are not even ageing,” said someone else.

“Such a beast,” wrote another person, while a fourth else simply commented: “Those abs”.

Following the birth of her son in 2014, Alicia left her full-time director position at a bank to kickstart a personal trainer business called HER Power Lifestyle.

She focuses on helping middle aged women achieve their fitness goals no matter what shape or size, as she herself understands the challenges that come with keeping fit at an older age – such as hormone imbalances and health-related problems.

Alicia Schoroth working out
She focuses on her nutrition as well as HIIT and resistance workouts. Photo: Jam Press/Australscope

“I designed my programs with this focus and have my clients sleeping better, losing weight, gaining muscle, and issues such as hot flashes or night sweats diminish or stop,” she said.

Alicia hopes her journey will help other women believe they are strong and capable no matter what age, adding a positive mindset and gratitude is the most important ingredient to success.

“Most of us have that fear of getting older. But instead of living in fear, I choose to move forward and continue to live the best, healthiest and balanced lifestyle I can to age the best I can,” she said.

“We have to embrace life and live in the moment. Worrying about something we cannot change only creates more stress; that leads to health issues.

“I do enjoy and indulge in moderation. Balance is key to happiness and stress management as stress affects your entire body, including your looks.

“Always look after your mind, body and soul.”

Alicia’s top five anti-aging tips

Alicia explains women should focus on resistance training rather than overdoing cardio, especially as they age.

“As we age, our body's response to exercise and food changes. I see women over-doing it at the gym with far too much cardio,” she says.

“If they do any resistance training, they don't focus or lift enough to get results. Correct resistance training is key!”

She also stressed the importance of eating nutrient-dense food for added health benefits, such as leafy greens and vegetables which can help in reducing inflammation.

“Most women either don't eat enough to build or maintain lean muscle mass (which is crucial as we age) or they eat too much of the foods that are detrimental,” she adds.

“We need to look at food as medicine. We need to focus on nutrient dense foods that build muscle, provide adequate fibre and reduce inflammation.”

Alicia also recommended people should steer clear of refined sugars, processed food and gluten and said that as we age, we become more sensitive to carbohydrates – which can easily become stored as fat if we don’t follow a structured diet and exercise regime.

Additional reporting by Latifa Yedroudj.

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