Aldi's $3.99 classic dessert sends shoppers into a spin: 'Amazing'

Aldi’s budget version of the classic Viennetta dessert has fans flipping out over the frozen dessert after they launched a new flavour.

Taking to the Aldi Mum’s Facebook page, one fan recently posted a picture of an Aldi freezer full of the dessert range called Entertainer.

Aldi sign
Aldi fans are raving over a Viennetta desert. Photo: AAP

The post sent fans into a spin, with many saying they’re glad to see it back on shelves.

The dessert is back in the original vanilla flavour as well as a new caramel flavour.

“Oh, it’s back, with an extra version! love the original one..will try this latest one too...thanks for sharing,” one excited shopper wrote.

“Omg!!! I need this. The current Vienetta tastes terrible. I miss the classic recipe I grew up with,” added another.

“Had the vanilla one last night they are good,” added a third.

Available for just $3.99 shoppers are comparing the new flavour to other, more expensive caramel ice-cream desserts, with many saying this Aldi version is better.

Aldi entertainer caramel flavour
The new caramel flavoured dessert is now available at Aldi. Source: Facebook

“I got this today! Taste exactly like the one from home ice cream! 10/10,” one person wrote alongside a picture of the Home Ice Cream dessert that retails online for $15.

“The caramel one is amazing!!” Agreed another, while a third shopper said “They are amazing!! Having one tonight for my birthday cake.”

But while the Caramel flavour is new, the classic vanilla flavour has dropped in Aldi stores before.

Aldi’s Entertainer ice cream dessert appears to be a seasonal product that was last released back in August 2019.

“That fancy dessert you remember from your childhood is back, and it's only $3.99!” Aldi announced on their Facebook page at the time, with fans flooding the post with more than 9200 comments.

Aldi's Viennette $3.99. Source: Facebook
Aldi's classic dessert is available for just $3.99. Source: Facebook

“Much better than Viennetta but you have to be quick they sell out very fast. I've got one for Christmas stashed in the freezer,” one person commented.

Well, you heard it here first. If this is your dessert of choice get in quick and grab a couple extra for your Christmas freezer stash too!

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