Aldi's Is Bringing Back Its $25 Le Creuset Copycat

Get one before it sells out (again)!

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

The last time Aldi offered its version of Le Creuset's enameled cast iron braiser, we were heading into the holiday season. If you snagged it, we’re sure it came in handy with your holiday cooking. Now that grilling season is upon us, it's again time to reach for your cast iron cookware, since the material is great to use on your grill.

If you want to make delicate fish like tilapia on the grill and not worry about the thin fish getting stuck to the grates and falling apart, put it in cast iron. If you want to cook up skillet cornbread and imbue it with grilled smoky flavor, cast iron is (again) your friend. Want some sautéed veggies togrilled steak? Sauté them in a cast iron pan as the beef sears on the grates.

And, of course, cast iron—whether it’s a skillet, griddle pan, Dutch oven, or braiser—is also great for the stovetop and oven. You could pay up to $370 for a similar-looking and functioning Le Creuset braiser or just $25 for the Aldi version.

Aldi’s Crofton Cast Iron Braiser Is Back

A braiser straddles the line between pot and pan. It has shallow curved sides, a wide bottom, and a lid. Rather than a long handle, a braiser has two small ones on either side, which—if you ask us—is perfect for using on the grill. The long handle of a cast iron skillet can take up valuable grill real estate that could be used for BBQ chicken or kebobs.

Crofton’s cast iron braiser has an interior diameter of 11.85 inches, a 3.7-quart capacity, and a porcelain enamel interior and exterior. It's available in either a light blue or creamy white color. The braiser is safe up to 482 degrees F so if you use it on the grill, make sure you pay attention to the grill temperature. (Le Creuset's braiser can withstand up to 500 degrees F.)

You’ll find this versatile braiser in the Aldi Finds aisle, also known as the Aisle of Shame—the home goods and housewares aisle many shoppers end up stalking weekly for great buys. It goes on sale May 15 and like most Aldi Finds—such as the recent Williams-Sonoma look-alike margarita glasses or the $3 garlic chopper—will probably sell out quickly. That’s the nature of the Aldi Finds.

Fortunately, some items come back months or even a year later, like this cast iron braiser. If you missed it the first time, you have a second chance, but we can’t promise you’ll get a third chance, so grab it while you can.

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