Aldi issues warning over 'damaging' shopping trolley hack

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Aldi has issued a warning after learning of a ‘damaging’ hack that’s seeing shoppers use house keys to unlock trolleys instead of gold coins or tokens.

“We recommend that our shoppers continue using gold coins or an ALDI trolley token to unlock their trolleys. Other objects may become stuck or damaged,” a spokesperson tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Our trolley tokens can be purchased for 99c at the register. Even better, they double as key rings so you can be sure to never forget it.”

One mum’s genius Aldi shopping trolley hack has earned high praise on social media. Photo: Facebook.

The German grocery giant appears to have been moved to make the public plea shortly after the trolley key hack took off on social media.

On Monday, one mum took to Facebook to share a photo of a silver key inserted into the coin slot of an Aldi trolley, leaving her fellow Facebook users stunned.

“This is an old hack of mine, if you ever find yourself without a gold coin or a token, look no further then a suitable key on your key ring, you’re welcome,” she wrote.

The post was a hit, attracting 2.4k likes and over 500 comments including one that deemed it the “best life hack ever!”

Others offered up their alternatives to gold coins and keys, including trolley keys purchased off eBay and, most unusually, the metal opener off the side of a tin of corned beef.

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