Aldi $12.99 Special Buy people are loving: 'The coolest thing'

The Aldi Rechargeable Moon Lamp was a much sought after Special Buy after it was advertised to be in store on Australia Day.

They can be plugged in or run off the battery, you can choose to turn it on to any of the 16 colours available and the brightness is adjustable too – just what you need when catering to children's needs in the bedroom. And for just $12.99 they are a real bargain!

Aldi logo
Aldi have done it again with one of their Special Buys. Photo: Getty Images

However, when delays hit the stock, as has happened during the pandemic due to shipping delays, it became a bit of a shoppers treasure hunt to get hold of one.

"Omg I’m sooo lucky! I’ve been trying to get my hands on the moon lamp with no luck. Look where I found this beauty!!!!!!," one mum-to-be wrote on the Aldi Mums Facebook page when she managed to snag one at her local store that had been misplaced in with the breakfast cereals.


"So happy because I want to use it for my night light in the maternity suite when I have my bubby."

"It’s such a rush finding a hidden gem," she added in the comments.

Online ad for The rechargeable moon light from Aldi
The rechargeable moon light from Aldi is a bargain at $12.99. Photo: Aldi

"My lil girl absolutely loves hers," one mum wrote.

"Legit the coolest thing I’ve gotten from Aldi in a long time, the touch feature is awesome and easy," another said.

"Score!!! We love ours so much," a third added.

But Aldi is not the only one that sells these. Similar children's night lights are sold at Kmart where their galaxy light is $25; Bunnings, who have a moon touch lamp for $16 and Temple and Webster who have their moon light in three sizes priced at $26.95 - $34.95.

Three different planet/moon kids night lights from Australian stores
While there are comparable kids night lights at other stores, none are priced quite as competitively. Photo: Kmart/Temple & Webster/Bunnings

However, none of them can beat the price of the Aldi ones, making it a bargain hunter's dream!

Some mums were trying to help others out by posting where they had seen stock near them. "Lots of moon lamp and other night lamps in Stockland Aldi Burleigh heads," one posted helpfully.

But as one mum pointed out, there is a nifty trick to getting your hands on one. "I went yesterday and got 3!" she wrote. "You Google Aldi Special Buys locator and put in your postcode and it tells you where there is stock."

To save you the time and effort we've done it for you – – you can thank us later!

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